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Do you know that, unlike bees, wasps can sting you multiple times? Therefore, having a wasp nest near you is more dangerous than having a beehive. Additionally, wasps are more aggressive in nature than bees. This is why it is essential that you keep your distance from wasp nests. 

If you want help with the current wasp situation in your property then reach out to Ace Pest Control. Our company provides you with a diligent wasp removal Perth team to take the situation under control and help you out. We are available to clear your doubts 24*7. So, contact us right away. 

Types Of Wasps That Are More Likely To Infest Your Property

  • Paper Wasp: They have yellow and brown marks on their body with an orange antenna. They can be found throughout Australia. These species are highly aggressive and are most likely to attack humans whenever disturbed. These wasps can grow up to 18-20mm in length. Multiple stings from them can cause a severe reaction. 
  • European Wasps: European wasps look almost like bees. They have abdominal stripes of brown and yellow. These wasps are attracted to drinks and sweets, therefore, they live in a residential area to have access to food supplies. These wasps can grow up to 38mm. European wasps are capable of stinging multiple times. Additionally, their stings are extremely painful. Lumps, burning pain, and redness are some of the effects of a European wasp’s sting. 

Multiple Wasp Treatments That We Have For Our Customers 

✔ Emergency Wasp Control Services 

We deliver wasp nest removal services to our customers at affordable prices. Despite all the other advantages that our clients can enjoy by choosing us, they can also reap the benefit of our emergency wasp control services. Our company has professional experts who can get rid of wasp nests in a safe manner. We want to make sure that our clients are always protected and feel comfortable with our services. Snap us today to book us. 

✔ Wasp Inspection And Removal

Our wasp exterminators or wasp removal Perth team have been training in this industry for many years now. Their decades of services have made them the experts in wasp control. It is well known that wasps are great at hiding but our wasp specialists excel in wasp inspection. So, if you need a trustworthy wasp removal company for professional help then we are your best choice. Want to know more about us? Feel free to ping us anytime. 

✔ Domestic Wasp Control

The risks of having a wasp infestation in your home are highly treacherous. Living in a house with wasp nests can cause a lot of problems for you to have a good time. However, there is nothing to worry about when you have Ace Pest Control as your local wasp nest removal company. Our experts specialize in offering mud wasp nest removal, European wasp nest removal, hornets’ nest removal, wasp hive removal, and a lot of other kinds of home wasp removal services. All we expect from our customers is one call. Soon after a call from you, we are on our way to your home. 

✔ Restaurant Wasp Control

Having these dangerous pests in a commercial property is not only putting you at risk but it is also putting all your visitors, employees, students, patients, customers, etc at risk of getting stung. This is why having wasp removal and routine wasp inspection is necessary to avoid any such risks. 

Our company also works on a large scale, we are the no.1 large wasp nest removal company in Perth. Additionally, we work 24*7. So, if you are worried about your working hours then you can always give us a call on your closing times to avoid any disturbance. 

✔ Pre-purchase Wasp Inspection

Wasps grow in a large number. Additionally, they can be found in almost 2 out of 5 properties in Perth. Therefore, it is crucial to get the property you are looking to move in or purchase inspected. This precaution step will help you avoid a lot of other problems in the future. 

Moreover, wasps are a pro at making multiple hives, investing in a property with a severe wasp infestation is not good for your business. So, make a decision that you do not regret later. Book us for pre-purchase wasp inspection services. 

✔ Same Day Wasp Control

Having access to a professional wasp exterminator on the same day you are free is a blessing. Right? Well, you can have this privilege if you pick 0482077150. We deliver same-day wasp control services. In fact, if you search for same-day wasp control near me, you will reach us immediately. Our wasp controllers are always on the ground to ensure that they can reach the people in need on time. If you need same-day services anywhere in Perth or suburbs near Perth, you can reach out to us and we will assign our wasp exterminator in that area to immediately help you out. 

Affordable Wasp Controllers On One Call

Our company delivers first-class services at extremely reasonable rates. We make sure that we do our job efficiently and help the customers out with their budget restrictions. Additionally, our company does not add unimportant charges to our bills. Therefore, we have been awarded as the most affordable wasp control service providing company for years in a row. Also, give us a call to know more about the wasp removal service in Sydney

How Will Picking Us Benefit You? 

  • Recruiting our wasp controllers will be an affordable deal for you. 
  • Choosing us will give you the liberty to book us 24*7.
  • You can enjoy emergency, same-day, SOS wasp control services at the same budget-friendly prices. 
  • Picking us will give you a hassle-free, stress-free, and worthwhile wasp removal experience. 
  • Hiring our exterminators will help you prevent an infestation in the future because we offer follow-up visits as well as prevention tips. 

Feel free to Book Us Anywhere Near Perth

Our services are not confined to Perth alone. We also offer all our wasp treatment services in all the areas/suburbs near Perth. 


What Will Happen If I Kill A Wasp?

Killing a wasp will just attract more of these insects towards you. This is why repelling a wasp is a better idea than killing it. 

Do You Deliver Eco-friendly Service? 

Yes, we take eco-friendly measures of wasp removal to ensure your safety. 

Can I Expect Emergency Services In Fremantle? 

Yes, you can book all our services in Fremantle as well as all the nearby suburbs of Perth. 

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