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Ace Pest Control is a termite control service company that has years of experience dealing with termites and making our customers happy. We have specially trained Termite exterminators which use highly advanced equipment for effective Termite treatment. Moreover, our Termite Control Canberra team does everything to make your place free of Termites with our best Termite control. 

Our team will be at your service 24/7. Our company has a high reputation and trust for its service. We have highly trained and classified professionals. Additionally, we make use of advanced and precise equipment with organic and eco-friendly chemicals and sprays. We also accept online booking through our website.

Is It Really Necessary To Have A Termite Control?

Got a Termite attack on your place? Worried about how to deal with them without harming yourself? Looking for the best Termite control near me? Don’t worry, the Termite Control Canberra team is here to resolve all your problems. These creatures usually don’t harm humans but their sting causes intense pain and itching. 

Therefore, you should always contact a professional to deal with them. Additionally, termites damage the foundation of houses mainly made of wood. Therefore, it becomes a matter of high concern to have regular Termite control. Our pest controllers also offer the best quality termite extermination in Hobart.

Services You Can Avail From Ace Pest Control

Our team helps you with all kinds of services in one place. Our high quality Termite treatment service is available at affordable prices. We also have a variety of services depending on the convenience of our customers. Here’s what we offer:

Termite Removal and Inspection Service

It is always recommended to have a regular termite inspection. Therefore, our expert team is always there to help you with Termite Control and Termite hive Control. We have a highly affordable cost for a termite inspection.

Pre-purchase Termite inspection

Don’t want to move to a new place whose foundation is at risk? Then avail of our pre-purchase inspection service now. Our Termite inspection service is carried by highly trained Termite exterminators. Our Termite specialists will ensure that termites should not enter your property ever.

Termite control services for domestic places

Wanted to keep your house safe? Call our company for the best termite pest inspection. Our skilled exterminators ensure proper termite treatment and will create a very strong termite barrier from future invasion. With the use of organic chemicals, we ensured the safety of your family.

Restaurant Termite Control

Pissed with regular termite attacks damaging your restaurant reputation? Do not worry, Avail our restaurant Termite control service now at a very affordable cost. Moreover, we will provide you with proper sanitization. Call our Termite Control Canberra team now and boost your sales again.

Emergency Termite Control Service

Suddenly found termites damaging your property? Just inform our professional Termite exterminators of an emergency and they will reach you as soon as possible. Even in an emergency, we do not forget to provide you with the best Termite control service.

Same Day Termite Control service

We also have our same day Termite control service available at your doors. Our specially trained team ensures to get rid of Termite nests precisely and make you feel comfortable on the same day only. So do not miss this service and book us now.

We Have A Team Of Timely Service Providers

Our termite exterminators will reach out to you in the least time possible. It generally takes a few minutes or an hour for our Termite control team to reach your place. Also, the time will depend upon your location. But we assure our customers to resolve their problems in just a snap and with such precision that it feels like it was never there. We are always ready even in an emergency. 

What Makes Us The Best Of All Or Why To Choose Us Only?

Our high quality service by our expert termite exterminators at a very affordable cost is what makes us different and better among others. Here’s more about why you should choose us:

  • Eco-Friendly Termite Extermination: The use of organic chemicals is completely harmless to the people and nature and we ensure to not disturb the nature we are feeding on.
  • On-Time Termite Control: Providing services on time is what our policy is and therefore our experts will reach you as soon as you inform us of the Termite problem.
  • Highly Advanced Termite Control: Our professional termite exterminators are highly trained and use advanced equipment safely for the termite removal process.
  • Affordable Service: We ensure a pocket friendly service with a very high quality service. We are available 24 hours day and night at your service. Call us now!
  • Certified Termite exterminators – We have highly trained and licensed experts who are certified to provide the best Termite treatment.

We are available all across Canberra and Suburbs Near Canberra

Our service can be availed all over Canberra as well as the suburbs near Canberra including Belconnen, Majura, Tuggeranong, Gungahlin, Western Creek, and many more. So contact us now even when you are far away we will reach you.


What is the lifespan of Termites?

Termites prefer the environment to be dark and moist and therefore, they become active at night. They usually live up to 1-2 years.

What species does Termite belong to?

Termites are cellulose eating insects that have a resemblance to ants and bees. Although they are not related to ants but sometimes referred to as White Ants.

Do Termites bite humans? Are the services available in Majura?

Termites biting humans is very rare though but their bite can cause serious burning and itching sensation and causes pain. Yes, we are available in Majura also and all other places near Canberra.


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