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Are termites making you vexed and looking for DIY techniques for getting rid of termites? Do not worry! If you happen to live in Brisbane, Australia, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Termite Control Brisbane is right beside you. Termites can harm the residential and commercial structures, which goes for a considerable length of time undetected without any thorough checking and investigation. More than 100,000 homes experience the ill effects of termite attack every year in Brisbane, Australia. They can altogether cheapen your home or property and cause enormous expenses in fixing any structure, mainly made of wood.

Termites will not trouble you at any point shortly. Little yet powerful, termites cause harm to about $billion in properties every year. At whatever point you look, or at any spot or indications of termite you get that might harm your residential or commercial complex, you can find ways in fending them from gnawing off the same. Even better, you can figure out how to shield them from taking the help of the professional termite control team.

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    Types of Termites


    Conehead Termites

    These termites were called at first as “tree termites.” But the name is changed to evacuate the misguided fact against these termites which just live in the trees. Cone-head termites live on the grounds and develop unattached mud-tubes that are dull earthy coloured and of three feet in length.


    Damp-wood Termites

    These termites work equivalent to their name. They like highly damp wood for invasion. These termites are enormous, and they need immediate and customary contact with water to survive. They are commonly earthy-hued, and the mid-regions are reddish.


    Dry-wood Termites

    Dry wood termites do not require soil dampness to endure life. Instead, they love to ruin the bare wood, for example, wooden extensions, cornices, sidings, and partitions. They make their home usually inside the rooftop materials.


    Subterranean Termites

    These termites make their dwelling place in underground or moist zones. They make the mud channels that separate them from outdoors and assists them to arrive at their source of food. Moreover, they have scissor-like jaws that permit them to eat the wood fast.

    Members of Termite Colony

    Termites are unique concerning different living beings. They love to live in ‘sorted out states’. The King and Queen termites have a collection of the significant number of termites. Read below the details of the members of the termite colony are :

    Worker or Labourer

    In the province of termite, the wingless and delicate bodied termites are named as Worker. They are most as often as possible seen as the appropriation of swarmed wood is finished. In individual termites states, the juvenile or grown-ups termites are a labourer. They deal with the eggs and juvenile termites and the structure and support of the settlement.

    Soldier or Warrior

    The warriors of the termite colony are mighty. They are enormous when contrasted with the other termite’s class. They have dark-coloured heads and huge and monstrous jawbones, in contrast with the labourer. These kinds shields and safeguards the termite province from any predators.


    The termites that produce different termites are the reproducers. They have an alternate appearance from others as they have darker bodies from other termites. At the period of development, the ‘reproducer’ termites have two sets of wings that are of equivalent size and called alates. These create the new colonies in the wake of building up a battle as they shed their wings.


    The Queen is different from others and is the biggest in the body size. They have a significantly heavier body-frame than the Worker. The essential capacity of the Queen is laying eggs, and the number of eggs might be thousands every day also!

    Some Signs of Having Termite Infestation

    Termites, all things considered, do not have a fixed schedule regarding its infestation over your property. They are dynamic consistently and are, for the most part, found from March to November, each year. In the hotter climatic zone, they are always full of energy. The permeability of termites relies on the spots that you live in. They do not search for food when it is excessively hot or excessively cold. Termites here and there are likewise called ‘white ants.’ They are one of the most damaging pests, which all Brisbane house-holder faces. They make a more significant number of harm to your home as compared to fire, floods, and whirlwind! That is the reason why you should protect your property from these pests. It is exceptionally fundamental to take all precautionary measures against them before these creepy crawlies pass the point of no return. Before being identified, termites live on your property for an entire lifetime. You will see a portion of the initial signs, in which the termites are one of the obnoxious and harmful pests around you and your valuable property:


    Termite makes sound by hitting or banging their heads into the dividers, screens, and wooden partitions of the houses. They generally have the tendency to bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies when any of the termites try signaling any danger to the other termites in that group! The noise is very much audible to human ears, in the real sense, showing the signs of termite infestation.

    Droppings or Excreta

    Termite produces droppings or excreta, against eating the wood. In the event that you notice a dropping of termites, it will indicate a termite invasion.

    Hollow’ Sounding Wood

    In the wake of eating away the wood, termite leaves a slight cover-up of wood that sounds hollow. So any hollow wood likewise indicates the serious termite infestation issue.

    Flying Termites

    On the off chance that you see flying termite in your home, that implies there might be a severe termite invasion. These kinds of termites generally leave their home and travel to discover a mate for building up another settlement, somewhere else. If you see these types of termite, it denotes its infestation at your property.

    Stiff Doorways and Difficult to-open Windows

    Termite produces dampness when they are eating and makes a passage through doorway or window outlines or channels that cause the wood to twist. It thus makes it hard to open the entryways and windows, and signals its infestation.

    Discarded Wings

    On the off chance that you find disposed-off or discarded termite wings in your place, that implies there is a severe termite issue. You should then take all the necessary precautions to evade the same.

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    Causes of Termite Infestation

    Suburb’s Old Tales

    The historical backdrop of a rural area affects the termite movement. Specific questions like, when was it developed? What sort of shrubs were cleared from the territory to make a path for the wooden structures? The historical backdrop of these suburban areas is firmly interconnected with all these accompanying questions. Guidelines are saying that these structures need to have termite assurance on a regular basis. The homes constructed between the mid-nineties and up until 2010 were secured with non-repellent hindrances. In any case, all these houses have an average lifetime, which courtesy termite invasion are poorly affected.

    Unreliable Termite Treatments

    With the aid of DDT and other unforgiving synthetic compounds with its horrendous impacts on life, the human undependable strategic approaches followed. Somewhere in the early 90s, the infamous compound DDT was restricted in Australia. DDT was a none but a successful termiticide, yet besides unfathomably destructive to these pests. At the point when this synthetic was limited, a couple of pest control organizations went to unreliable termite killing medicines, while numerous homes experienced problems incredibly owing to termite invasion.


    Underground termites can travel in incredibly useful ways from their colonies to cater for food. Termites flourish in shrublands as they are undisturbed by development or other human activities. They can carry on with their lifestyle and keep on producing termite colonies nearer to our residential and commercial properties. This implies if there is shrubland in the vicinity or even inside the suburb, this will probably be going to build the termite hazard!

    Building Types and Styles

    There is a significant assortment of house styles in Brisbane. Each method has its shortcomings and claims to the invasion of termites. There are homes which have been constructed much before the usage of pesticides and termiticides. In this manner, they require to depend on physical boundaries and steady cautiousness. These homes are made of pinewood and blocks with a wooden block facade. Similarly, these types of houses which sit straight on the ground run a more danger of unnoticed termite invasion.

    Risks of Having Termites Inside the Premises

    Where you live in Brisbane, it can massively have the impact of the danger of termites swarming your home. A handful of areas are more inclined to termite issues than others. Especially in the suburban areas, in the up and coming months, you will experience the various regions of Brisbane giving us superior know-how of what kind of termite dangers can be found in these regions. Read below the risk factors involved in having termites inside the premises:

    Primary Development or ‘Settling’ of The Property After Some Time

    One of the primary driving forces of termite invasions is the settling of all residential and commercial buildings. With time, each building will give indications of hairline splits over some undefined area. And the same goes for typically unnoticed when somebody shifts their home and does not take any notice upon these hairline cracks. It happens all the more since the building of the house seems comparatively new. However, when you go out into your car parking zone or the garage area and take a good look at the solid structure, around ninety percent of homes will be having little splits on the floor. The termites have increasingly direct access to your property through these little cracks and splits which are typically present inside the restrooms, kitchen, or even underneath the rugs of your rooms!

    Plumbing and Electrical Sections

    Another standard reason for termite invasions is plumbing, electrical funneling, and conductor section, focusing inside the home. This incorporates plumbing inside the washroom, clothing, shower, restroom, kitchen pipes, and the primary electrical outlet that comes in where the meter box is fixed along the edge of your home. Notwithstanding these hairline cracks, you have a few principle lines or wiring connections that transverse through a significant portion of your home. Throughout the years, with wear and tear, the potential danger emerges when little cracks and splits create around these channels or lines. Termites travel through the ground usually searching for food, and it is through these small holes or crevices where they arrive at the wooden area in your living habitat. It ought to be noticed, and termites just need a millimeter to increase their entryway into your living space.

    Re-designs and Expansions

    If you have attempted any home expansions, it is incredibly imperative to ensure that when manufacturers fix the floor piece, the joint where the old section meets the new floor channel is effectively fixed. The original wooden chunk after some time will dry, and by making a slight hole between the two pieces, it caters to an opening to termites to come out over the ground.

    Put Away Woods Against the Home.

    Another regular reason for termites would be the amount of woods, straw for insulation, heaps of logs, and firewood. It is not uncommon to see woods or twigs, stacked against the side of a house or under the parking space. This ought to be stacked away from and hidden away on blocks. Termites tend to climb through these stacks and get inside the house interiors.

    Habitat for Termite Types

    Generally, termites live in wooden structures, decayed or disintegrated trees, fallen wooden branches, and soil. The territories change among species as individual termites require a various amount of dampness and moisture. These pests are found in more noteworthy numbers in tropical areas where day to day weather for termites is ideal.

    Underground termites are the most generous assortment and can be found all through Brisbane, Australia. Both the damp-wood and dry-wood species are common and progressively found over here.

    The underground termite homes usually are framed inside the soil. These hills cater to the termites fabricating and expanding their burrowed frameworks and mud tunnels. Through these, they have direct access over the primary food sources on the ground level. Dry-wood termites live inside the wood, and they gnaw by frequently invading the screens and furniture. At the point when the termite colony has developed, the winged termites can be seen gathering around the edges of the windows and entryways. Winged termites are profoundly pulled in to sources of light and are generally dynamic or energetic during springtime. After mating, these dry-wood termites find another rearing site and make another settlement, while spreading invasions all through the various areas.

    Termite Control Brisbane

    Prevention Tips to Control Termite Infestation

    Here are some trusted and successful termite control strategies by which you can make your home and other commercial centers termite-free.

    1. Remove the Food Source

    Before dispensing with the termites from your home, clear the full range of food sources on which these pests feed, like heaps of wood, paper flotsam, and jetsam, and old tree logs. These all are the most widely recognized food sources for termites. To make your treatment fruitful, try getting rid of these things first.

    2. Block All the Focussed Sections

    Termites need any kind of passage point to enter inside the house. Fix all the squares and cracks that are obvious in the house exteriors and interiors. Additionally, make the customary registration of your home under a certified pest control agency and in a flash kill the termites that are found!

    3. Natural Remedial Measures

    To end termites, some appropriate remedial measures like neem oil, orange oil, borax, wet cardboard, acetic vinegar, and so on are useful that gives the right and preferred outcome.

    4. Chemical Remedial Measures

    When the termites are living in your home structure for an extremely significant time-frame, at that point, the ideal approach to treat them is to apply certain chemical remedial compounds. Various pesticides are available in the market to control termites.

     termite control

    Common Myths About Termites

    It is a fact that termites are a none but harmful pests. And yet, there are specific significant facts over the typical myth related to termites. In this way, many house owners are misled with regards to termites. By understanding what they are and what they are not, you will get better know-how in detecting a termite invasion and getting it levelled out. Or else, it is better, to forestall termite issues altogether. Read the common myths associated with termites, which causes hindrances during its extermination:

    • Termite invasions are self-evident.
    • Termites are not an issue in the winter months.
    • Termites are only attracted to wooden objects.
    • Termites can be treated with only DIY remedial measures.
    • Termite exterminating medicines are very costly.

    How to Keep Termites Away?

    Nuisances like termites are known to live with the human populace and feed on the extras. At whatever point extras, like wooden scraps, plywood, logs are not accessible these vermin would begin benefiting from the food and palatable items implied for human consumption. Numerous bugs like termites will undoubtedly cause harm to your furnishings and wooden articles by transforming them into rubble.

    Termites are known to cause enormous and irreversible monetary harm to all properties, mainly wooden. These pests are a genuine irritation once they enter your property. Stepping in swarms and shrublands, they survive on by eating into whatever comes to their direction. Controlling termites can be very precarious, and one should contact an expert termite and other pest control agency to annihilate them out of the affected property.

    Termites are tragic on the grounds, by the manner they cause harm to the entire living or working habitat. Read below to get an idea about keeping these termites at bay:

    1. Ensure that none of your nursery beds is in contact with your outside house partition. They ought to be at least two meters away.

    2. Dispose of any old tree stumps on your property. These tree stumps are an appealing site for termites to settle in.

    3. Make use of concrete in place of wood when you can in your nursery.

    4. Store any wooden pieces or logs or firewood off the ground and away from your home. As this could be expected that wood acts as a magnet for these termites.

    5. Ensure any water surges, as air-conditioning units and other water frameworks, drain away from buildings. Too much of dampness is yet another termite attractor!

    6. In the case of working or constructing a house with wood, ensure that no wood contacts the ground. Use steel mounts to raise the wooden framework.

    7. Examine your home for indications as regularly as could be expected under these circumstances. It is thus ideal to stop termite invasions whenever you can.

    DIY Tips to Control Termites

    Some DIY or essential remedial tips can be followed to keep a check on the growing population of termites.

    • Orange oil
    • Clove oil
    • Using wet cardboards
    • Boric acid
    • Salt
    • Removal of stumps
    • Washing them out
    • Exposing the termite invaded items in direct sunlight

    Termite Exterminating Expenses

    The size and kind of termites provinces that should have been dealt with, decide the specific expense. Evacuating the massive number of termites colonies are costlier than exterminating few termites. Read the given general termite exterminating cost that is charged by the expert termite controllers.

    • The termite treatment, which is finished with the assistance of anti-termite spray or other chemical compounds, may cost you between $325 to $ 620.
    • The durable treatment is the dirt treatment that will cost you approx—$ 2575 to $3540.
    • The expense of termite inciting is around $2520 to $3570.
    • For the pre-purchased termite assessment, you may need to pay close to $265.

    Why Do We Need To Hire Termite Controllers?

    Termites can venture out underground to get to your home. They can even get splits in your house’s solid structure. Pretty much every Australian home might be in danger of termites. However, you should not lose trust. The battle against this harming nuisance is not yet lost. The uplifting news is that all the termite controlling agencies have a few techniques to help secure your living or commercial structure against termite attacks. These include:

    1. Termite controlling includes the utilization of inconspicuous termite trapping stations, which are set around the edges of your property. This helps the house owners to get the whereabouts of these termites. The Termite controlling experts will routinely screen these stations for termite action.

    2. These termite controllers make use of a substance for termite hindrance which includes the applying of a fluid concoction to the dirt. The same is applied either under the solid ground surface or around the whole edge of the building.

    3. Physical termite obstructions are intended to stop termites entering the structure where they find the way and exterminate the termites out in the open where they can be killed. These termite obstructions are a layer of protective material acting as a partial obstruction to the edge of the building and its entrances to prevent the underground termites from entering the premises.

    4. The reticulation framework is a system of underground funnels intended to circulate a termite control chemical substance equitably all through the establishments of the building and around the structure’s border. By utilizing the precise control of this synthetic application gives assurance against intrusion by termites. This technique can be made to use before the development and edges, once the construction of the property is finished.

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    Q. Can termites make their way through concrete?

    No, termites fail to pass through concrete. However, they can make their way through the crack that is 1/32nd wide or ore. Openings of this size or more mostly happen where two concrete pieces meet- like when they are poured separately. Additionally, the termites can enter areas where there are small cracks on concrete around plumbings.

    Q. Why do winged termites lose their wings?

    Termites make use of their wings to fly short distances around their infestation. Sooner or later they spread their wings and never ever fly again. Later, they burrow themselves in the ground to spend the remaining lives forming a new termite colony.

    Q. I live in a Brisbane home. Should I be worried about termites?

    Termite infestations are common in Brisbane homes. Generally, it is because most of Brisbane’s homes and offices have soil levels around their structure. This makes a small gap between the soil and the foundation of the home. This further lets termites easily enter your property and nest. However, you can rely on us for small to big termite problems. We offer affordable termite control Brisbane services.

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