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Trustworthy Silverfish Pest Control in Melbourne

Keeping the house clean should be the top most priority of any housekeeper. Even if the house looks clean, chances are that hidden germs, insects and rodents might be lurking in any nook and corner of your house.

If you feel that your house is infested by these pests, then calls us at Ace Pest Control. We will help you get rid of all types of rodents, insects, and fleas.

Professional Silverfish Pest Control in Melbourne

Professional Silverfish Pest Control in Melbourne

Over the years, we have established our name in Melbourne as we serve quality and professionalism. We provide the best pest control in Melbourne, making sure that we give a long-term solution to your pest problems. Our pest control services in Melbourne are available at affordable rates.

Our pest control experts have a solution to all the kinds of pest problems including the likes of rodents, fleas, cockroaches, lizards, bees, spider, and silverfish.

What is Silverfish?

Silverfish is one of the most common types of insect found in Melbourne, this wingless animal looks like a fish. Further, they have a very small size- usually 1 inch. They are found in damp and warm places. As a result, they are quite common during rains.

Houses that have a warm and humid air can encounter silverfish. Silverfish is a typical insect, which feeds on anything and everything. Surprisingly, this insect does not affect humans. However, Silverfish often eats its way into people’s belongings.

Silverfish plays a big hand in the contamination of food. Their favorite items include coffee, sugar etc.

Why is Silverfish Dangerous?

Why is Silverfish Dangerous?

Why is Silverfish Dangerous?

  • As stated above, silverfish poses no harm to humans. However, these little insects can nibble on anything. They eat through the object, leaving behind a sticky residue.
  • They have a great affinity for books, clothes, newspaper, silk, hair, coffee.
  • Moreover, you can usually find them near ovens, chimneys and book shelves.
  • Also, they can chew through paper, books and all kinds of rummage.
  • They don’t carry any pathogens.
  • Also, when they age, they tend to leave behind their old body structure and little jelly-like coverings.

How to Keep Silverfish at Bay?

  • Controlling silverfish in Melbourne requires cleanliness and light. If the house is well lit, and has bright paints, chances are that the house won’t be infected by any insects.
  • Sanitation plays a vital role in keeping the silverfish at bay. One needs to check that their bathroom arrangement is up to the mark. The bathroom must have no leaky faucets, no leaky taps and the sanitation process must work efficiently.
  • One of the common entry points for silverfish is the little holes that are on the walls and corners. So make sure that you cover those holes.
  • The humidity of the house should be in check. The too damp environment would give the silverfish an ideal nesting place. So if your house experiences a damp atmosphere, try buying a dehumidifier.

The above-mentioned methods can keep the ever-growing population of silverfish at bay, but if you want to eliminate the problem from its core, then call us at Ace Pest Control.

Why Choose Ace Pest Control in Melbourne?

At Ace Pest Control, we take our cases seriously. We aim to clean your house thoroughly, thus making sure that our customers don’t have to call us again. Our pest control experts are licensed and certified and have the skill to exterminate any kind of house pest or insect. We have been serving in the Melbourne for a long time. As a result, we have made a name for ourselves in the pest control sector. As industry leaders, brilliance and quality are expected of us, and that is what we deliver.

  • We do the job on time
  • Further, we provide excellent service at affordable rates.
  • We deal with emergency situations promptly
  • Also, we use eco-friendly methods to expel the silverfish out of your place
  • Our team consists of local and licensed pest control experts who are experts in controlling pests

Silverfish Control Process of Ace Pest Control

It is important that you should be familiar with our way of operation. Here are few steps that we take while dealing with a client.

Silverfish Control Process of Ace Pest Control

Silverfish Control Process of Ace Pest Control

  • Step 1:

We visit our client’s house and talk to them about the issue. We then take a survey of the house- identifying key pests and insects to exterminate.

  • Step 2:

After a detailed survey, we then chalk out a plan of action. Our team would seal off the house, moving all movable objects.

  • Step 3:

We cover all holes and cracks from where a pest might come back. We use special traps, toxins, and equipment to flush out the pests.

  • Step 4:

After completing the job, we inspect the house again. This is just to make sure that we have achieved 100% completion. This step also helps us reanalyze our job, making sure that your house is pest free.

  • Step 5:

Providing a temporary solution to the problem of fleeing and pests isn’t what we strive for. After cleaning a house, we make sure that the house stays insects free for long times.

Hire Ace Pest Control in Melbourne Today!

  1. We use eco-friendly ways to deal with pest control.
  2. We provide free home inspection.
  3. All our experts are licensed pest controllers.
  4. We are fast, quick and ethical professionals.

Further, we not only deal in the extermination of silverfish, but also Ants, Cockroaches, Bees, wasps, rats, spiders etc. Additionally, we also consult on cases, so if you are looking to buy a house or a new building, then you can call us for an assessment of the building.

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