Rodent Facts: Pest Control

Rodent Infestation? Few Things to Know:

The rodent is one of the common pests present in every house. Every year many pest control professionals deal with thousands of rodents and related pests. Rodents can multiply very quickly and can do significant damage to your business, house, and furniture through their distressing activities. They can also contaminate your food and other things by the droppings they leave behind. The most direct ways through which diseases are spread are their droppings, urine, saliva and by close contact to them.

Rodent Pest Control
Rodent Pest Control

If You are Also Suffering from Rodent Infestation Then a Few Things you Should Know About Are: 

  • Only You are Not Suffering From Rodent Infestation

    Whether it is summer or winter, rodents can infest inside your house. Mostly in cold weather and when the temperature is cold rodents find a way inside your house to infest. Generally, rodents enter in months between October and February in search of food and water and to also keep them away from cold.
  • Appetite of Rodents is Huge

    Rodents look tiny in size but in spite of their size their appetite is huge and they eat 20-30 times a day. Since they need to eat so many times a day so they prefer to remain in close perimeter to food sources. That signifies that your kitchen is always going to be the target of all the rodents for infestation.
  • Rodents are Athletic in Nature

    Rodents are athletic and are very good at climbing, jumping, and swimming.  So if you keep the food on high places like above the shelf and find small bites in the morning then you should not be surprised. You must keep all the food in airtight sealed containers and refrigerator.
  • Rodents Are Germs Transmitter

    This is the most important reason to keep your house rodent-free. Rodents are the carrier of about 200 pathogens, they can cause very dangerous diseases such as hantavirus and salmonella. Always make sure to remove and clean any excess food debris by wiping out the counter regularly. If you notice any sign of infestation in your house then it is very important to hire a Professional Pest Control Service in Canberra providing company. 
  • Even Small Gaps Can Welcome Rodents

    Rodents are very small in size and can squeeze their body through even very minor gaps and holes. Stop them outside your house by covering any opening or passage outside of your house. Always keep food in airtight sealed containers including pet food also to prevent the entry of these unwanted guests inside your house. Always make sure to remove and clean any excess food debris by wiping out the counter regularly. Limit the nesting areas of rodents by removing the piles of leaves, and other debris.
Expert Rats Control
Expert Rats Control

How Can We Help You?

If you are the house owner in Canberra and needs effective, reliable, and professional help to control rodent or pest problems then call Ace Pest Control. Same day pest inspection services are provided in our company and always feel free to contact our company 24/7.

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