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Rodents are responsible for a lot of mess and damage in your home. You can not let them be a part of your home. It is very essential that rodents must leave your house permanently as soon as possible. For the best rodent control service contact Ace Pest Control at a very reasonable service cost. Our team of experts for Rodent Control Brisbane is trying hard to deliver the best service. We always use the best as well as modern rodent control tools. Rodents can also cause serious health problems, especially to children.

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    types of rodents

    Types of Rodents

    The most common types of rodents are found in Australia.

    1. Norway Rat: The Norway Rats are usually known as sewer rats or brown rats. These rats are slightly larger in size than roof rats. They have long and heavy bodies in comparison to other rats. These Norway rats cause damage to the property and other structures with their gnawing.
    2. House Mouse: These House Mouse are small mammals with a pointed snout, rounded ears, and have a long hairy tail. This is a domesticated mouse i.e mostly found near human activities. While eating or fighting they stand on their hind legs with additional support of their tail.
    3. Roof Rat: The roof rats are also known as ship rats or black rats. They are usually black or light brown in colour with a light shade underside. These rats are omnivores and considered a bad pest infestation for a farmer as they feed on agricultural crops. They like to live on roofs and ceilings.
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    What Things Differentiate Rats And Mice?

    Mice control Brisbane


    Mice Habitat

    Mice can feed on anything but usually prefer to have cereal grains and plants. They generally build a nest close to the easy availability of food sources. The mice build their nest using paper or any other soft material. They can be found indoors and outdoors in rural as well as urban areas.

    Mice Appearance

    Mice are small in size around 1-4 inches long. They are light brown with gray shade on their body and a dark tail. Mice have large ears with some hair on them. These mice have small heads and feet along with a pointed snout. The weight of adult mice is 0.5 ounces. Their droppings look like rods and have a musky odor. Mice are color blind but they have sharp hearing, smell, taste, and touch senses.

    Mice Movement

    Mice are considered as the fast runners and are excellent in climbing, jumping and they are good at swimming too. Though, they are small in size but can jump up to 13 inches. They can also climb up through rough surfaces and can run along ropes, wires, and cables. Mice are nocturnal and remain active from dusk to dawn. They don’t prefer to come out in bright light but sometimes they come out in search of food or if there is any disturbance in their nest.

    Rats control Brisbane


    Rats Habitat

    Rats like to have anything but mostly prefer to feed on grain and meat. To survive rats need 2 ounces of fluid everyday. They try to search for food in the same and different places each day. Rats prefer to dig burrows and live under the buildings, along fences and under plants. They can also nest up high in attics, roofs, trees.

    Rats Appearance

    Not all rats look the same. Like if we talk about brown rats, they have thick and heavy bodies with small ears and blunt snout. These rats are brown with black shade on them and have dark tails. On the other side, black rats have slender and light bodies with large ears and pointed snouts. They have gray bodies with black shades and dark tails.

    Rats Movement

    Rats are likely to enter through small spaces like cracks. They are good at swimming which helps them to live in sewers and can enter the house through broken drainage pipes and toilets. Rats can climb high in order to get food, water, and shelter. They follow the same path every day while searching for food or shelter. They never move far away from their nests or burrows and stay within 300 feet. Rats have poor eyesight and usually active at night. You can also hire our professionals for rodent control in Melbourne at unforeseen cost.

    Signs of Having A Rodent Infestation

    Here are the few signs which will indicate that you are having rodent infestation at your residential or commercial premises.

    1. You can see the signs of gnawing on rubber materials and plastic.
    2. Partial eating of fruits, walnuts, avocado etc.
    3. Rodent sightings inside the premises can be seen.
    4. You can hear their noise from attic, roof, ceilings and wall spaces.
    5. Rodent urine and droppings can be seen where there are rodents.
    6. Rodents usually make their burrows in the ground to live in.
    7. You can spot the marks caused by the rodents on the pained surface area while getting into contact with it.

    Risks of Having Rodents Inside the Premises

    Rodents pose many risks to your family’s health and your belongings. Ineffective rodent control can lead to the following results:

    • Damage of Property – They can cause serious damage including chewing the electrical wiring and insulation. Rats are also capable of ruining plasterboard, wallpapers, and can make holes in wooden floorboards.
    • Annoying Noises – Nocturnal rodents can cause insomnia in adults by making screeching noises and scratching continuously throughout the night.
    • Deadly Diseases – Rats carry a huge number of deadly viruses like plague, lassa fever, hantavirus and many more. They are disease-transmitting pests and spread several health hazards as they can.

    Controlling rodent infestation

    Steps Followed To Control Rodents

    Rodents mainly depends on 3 environmental factors i.e food, water and shelter.

    1. Elimination of Food & Water: To control the rodents, you need to eliminate all the potential sources of food in the premises. Try to pick up all the fruits fallen on the ground regularly. Keep the trash bins tightly closed. Don’t store the food items in the garage until and unless they are covered with metal containers. You should eliminate the leaking pipes and never leave the drains open. Also, cover the pet food and don’t leave it open outdoors.
    2. Kill the Rodents: After taking all the precautions, rodents should be trapped using a snap trap. You can place a trap near the nest of rodents where they hide. But ensure that you don’t place the trap where there is disturbance of children and pets as snap traps are very DANGEROUS. It’s not recommended to use poison baits indoors. You have to dispose of the dead rats using the tightly sealed containers. Then clean and sanitize the area of infestation.
    3. Elimination of Shelter: Seal up all the entry points through which the rodents can enter. Try to cover the ventilation points with vent covers. Dispose of the garbage on a daily basis. Cut down the bushes and trees so that the rats can’t enter the premises through the roof. Try to clean up the vegetation area regularly. You need to remove all the hiding places of rodents.

    How to Keep The Rodents Away?

    Having control of rodents is the most difficult task but you can adopt some preventive measures like not leaving the things open. There should not be any open cracks or crevices in the house. All the vents, windows and doors should be kept neat and clean. These rodents usually grow into rugged and dirty places, so maintain cleanliness at house and offices which will definitely avoid the entry of rodents. You can also get pest treatment at the regular intervals to keep bay on them.

    Pro Tip

    Always remember, that trapping and killing a rodent will not achieve long term rodent control. After the shelter of rodents has been removed, there should be complete removal of shelter regularly. If the property is harbourage free then the rodents will not get attracted to it. The people living in the property are responsible for removing the rodent harbourage otherwise they will be taken charge of the infestation. For better removal of rodents, you can call Ace Pest Control experts for the service.


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    Q. What are the best working baits for rats and mice?

    Generally, cheese is not the best choice as baits for rats or mice. Whereas, chocolates and peanut butter work right as long as you do not apply so much on the traps. Rather, apply the bait on the trap’s trigger point This will make things hard for the rodent to take it off and will definitely be forced to climb on the trigger.

    Q. How can I get rid of rodents?

    Rodents are best trapped by using baits and traps- it can be a live trap (cat) or snap trap or a mix of both. When you use snap traps, apply different baiting materials (peanut butter, chocolate, etc) on traps and put them at rat spotted areas. Also, ensure children do not touch them. In addition to this, seal the outside cracks & holes & place weather stripes on your doors to avoid new rats from coming in. Rat only needs a ¼ inches hole to enter. Too many rodents show a major issue & must be dealt with by an expert rat controller.

    Q. Is your rodent control repellent safe for my Brisbane home?

    Yes, we make sure all of our rodent control repellent as well as baits and traps are safe for you, your pets, and your property. No matter wherever you live in Brisbane, we can show up with the right rodent control service in no time.

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