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Ace Pest Control can be your go-to possum removal service providing company. We are here in Perth to help people free their properties from possum invasions for years. Our main goal is to make sure that people are not exposed to contaminants and diseases posed by possums. 

Additionally, our possum removal Perth team does its job following all the Australian standards of possum pest control. We take good care of the possums, make sure that our removal process does not harm them in any way, and drop them in a safe space in a safe manner. So, this means that you can stop digging for possum control near me because you have us to help you out. 

Safe, Proven & Compliant Possum Control Methods

Possums are survivors, they can survive all kinds of temperatures and they know their way around a property invasion. These pests are highly sneaky when it comes to infesting a property. However, possums are a danger to you, your family, your pets, and all your belongings. 

This is why you need professional possum catchers to help you out. Moreover, now you do not have to look any further for a proficient possum pest control service provider because you have found Ace Pest Control. We are the best company if you are looking for safe, proven, and compliant possum control methods.

Enjoy Multiple Types Of Possum Removal Treatments By Picking Us

✔ Domestic Possum Control

Are possums troubling you a lot? Are they causing damage to your belongings? Do you need professional help to get them eliminated from your private property? We can prove to be a great help at affordable prices. Our company has brilliant possum trappers who can safely remove possums from your house. 

Additionally, we not only remove possums from your home but we also fix all the damage that has been done by these animals. Furthermore, we also block all the entry points to prevent them from invading in the future. 

✔ Restaurant Possum Control

Are possums making it hard for you to run your restaurant smoothly? Are they causing a lot of problems for you? Are you afraid that your customers might change their go-to restaurant when they get to know about the possum infestation? Well, there is nothing to worry about when you have Ace Pest Control by your side. 

Our possum removal Perth team has exposure to residential as well as commercial possum treatment services. They can easily tackle possum infestation in commercial properties as well. So, get in touch with us today if you want quality commercial possum removal services. 

✔ Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Possums are invasive species, therefore, it is important to contact a professional to get rid of them whenever you suspect a possum infestation in your property. Additionally, just to be on the safer side, you should always get pre-purchase possum inspection services. 

Our company is delivering efficient pre-purchase possum inspection services at affordable rates. So, instead of regretting your decision of investing in a property later, hire us for a pre-purchase possum inspection. 

✔ Emergency Possum Control Service

Emergencies need immediate attention. This is why our company provides emergency possum control service options as well. Our high-end tools and techniques for possum removal can fix your problems in an efficient and effective manner. 

With our top-quality services, you can free your property from possum issues in no time. Additionally, our possum catchers believe that helping people in emergency situations is highly important. Therefore, we do not charge a penny extra for our emergency services. 

✔ Possum Inspection And Removal

Our possum removers are well aware of all the behavioral activities of possums because they have long standing experience in this field. All our catchers know the possum’s hiding spots. Therefore, they are experts in finding and inspecting all the hiding spots of these possums. 

Additionally, we are the one solution to many of your problems because, with inspection services, we also offer possum removals and plenty of other possum control services. So, if you need our assistance then get connected with us today!

✔ Same Day Possum Control 

Possums are responsible for a lot of damage that happens on your property. Additionally, they are not only harmful to you but they often have a fight with your pets as well. The worst thing about having a possum infestation is that you never know which of them have rabies. 

This is why it is best to not have them on your property. Congratulations! You can also hire our possum catchers on the same day as your booking call. We offer quality same-day services at a rapid speed. So, grab this opportunity now. 

Book Us For Timely Possum Control Services

The possum removal service providers that we have in our time are very punctual because they are professionals. They have experience in working in this field, they know the importance of time. So, if you are always on a schedule and do not want anybody to interrupt it then give us a call for bookings. We will make sure that your tight schedule is not affected in any way because of our servicing. Also, book our services for possum removal in Sydney at a low cost.

Why Should You Hire Us For Possum Removal? 

  • Customizable Services: Our clients can customize the services according to themselves and their convenience. We have a lot of possum removal options for them to choose from. 
  • Free Quote: People who have doubts regarding our prices can get a free quote by giving us a call. We deliver free quotes without adding any obligations. 
  • Quality Services: We offer top-quality possum removal services. Our company makes the best efforts to make sure that the customers are completely satisfied. 
  • Affordable Costs: Our possum removal costs are very affordable. You can book us without having to pay any major prices. 

Feel Free To Book Us Anywhere Near Perth

You can book our services from anywhere in Perth and the suburbs near Perth. We have a widespread team to help you out. 


Do Your Services Harm Possums?

No, our services do not harm possums in any way. We keep them safe. 

Do You Offer Possum Control On Weekends? 

Yes, we offer our services on weekends.

Can Citizens Of Melville Book Your Services?

Yes, people living in suburbs near Perth can book our services as well. 

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