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Possums are protected wildlife animal. They get into human habitat for food and their safety. They enter your home when they do not feel safe outside. But it is not safe for you and family when possums are inside your home. There are many problems that you may face because of possums. Therefore, immediate action must be taken to remove them. The only suitable action is to hire an expert pest control company because any harm to possums during catching and relocating can put you into legal actions.

Here at ACE Pest Control, we have certified Possum Removal Brisbane team that can catch and relocate possums from your house to their original habitat. We also have services to restrict them from infesting in your surroundings. We are highly trained possum catchers. You can trust our services as we are a licensed company. To know more about our possum removal and other pest control services, reach out to us today.

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    You need to hire an expert for the possum removal from the property killing a possum is restricted in Australia. So while tackling the possum infestation you must be of utmost care.

    As soon as you realize that you are having possums at your place, you should take serious action against them as they can damage your property. Possum Removal Brisbane professionals have the license to deal with them and remove them from the premises. You can trust our professionals as they provide the top-rated possum trapping services and use safe, effective, and reliable solutions to catch the possum. The services provided by our team are available on the same day of the hiring. So, call us anytime.

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    Surprising Facts About Possums That You Should Know

    Here are some surprising and interesting facts about possums that you must know about them. 

    1. There are almost 23 species of possums in Australia and brushtail and ringtail possums are the most common species among them.
    2. Possums can make noises like growls, grunts, hisses, etc.
    3. Possums are nocturnal which means that they are active at night.
    4. The bacteria produce through their droppings can cause flesh-eating ulcers.
    5. Possums are well known for destroying the property, leaving stains, etc.
    6. The droppings that they leave are so harmful that it can lead to functional disability for the long term in humans. 
    7. Most of the cases are evident that possums become aggressive with pets while snatching food from them. 
    8. Possums prefer to live in trees in rural areas whereas, they hang out on roofs of the house in urban areas.
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    Common Types of Possum

    There are many species of possums at present. Here are a few of the most common varieties of possums.

    Common Brushtail Possum

    These common brushtail possums are nocturnal and they have a body length of 24 – 40 cm including the tail. They actually eat leaves but they also eat up small mammals like rats etc. These common brushtail possums have large and pointed ears. Their brushy tail has a good grasping power which helps them to move from one tree to another. These Australian marsupials are often city dwellers. These Common Brushtail Possums like kitchen raids, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens.

    Ringtial possum

    Ringtial possum


    Common Ringtail Possum

    These common ringtail possums are found in the east coast region of Australia. They are rarely found in dry places rather they prefer to live in temperate and tropical environments. Eucalyptus forests are dense and ringtail possums like such places. These possums communicate with soft, high pitched, and twittering calls. You can identify them by their color as they have black or grey fur with white patches under their eyes.

    Dead possum removal from roof

    Removal of Dead Possum From The Roof

    Possums are a part of wildlife, so there is no permission granted to anyone to kill them. Though they die on their own in the roof and wall cavities of the premises. You can easily spot a dead possum or a rat as you can see a lot of flies over that place and it smells quite bad. Possums may die by eating the rat or rabbit bait or get hurt while snatching the food so you need to ensure that no possum can get inside the roof or wall cavity. Don’t forget that killing a possum with poison is illegal and a dead possum smells so bad for a long time span for at least 2 months.

    It becomes a difficult task to locate a dead possum behind the wall cavity. To spot and remove a possum on your own is quite difficult so you need to get instant help from professionals. Without any other thoughts in mind, you can book our experts anytime as we provide 24*7 services. The team of our technicians removes the dead possum with intense care and safety. We use effective and reliable solutions to remove possum and after the removal of dead possum our professionals also sanitize the place before leaving. Just pick up your phone and give us a call to hire our experts at very cost-effective prices. Also hire our experts for dead possum removal in Perth at low cost.

    Signs of Having a Possum At Your Place

    There are many possibilities that you must not be aware about the type of infestation at your place. To remove the particular type of infestation from your place it is necessary to know which pest has attacked your place. You can see the following signs if you are having possum at your place:

    1. Possums are nocturnal means that they become active at night and you can feel their presence as they make loud noises while communicating.
    2. Possums generate dirty odors through their glands.
    3. You can spot damages in your garden area which indicates that possums are residing inside the premises.
    4. You can see the eaten fruits, vegetables, and leaves in your garden area.
    5. Possums make marks with their claws which you can follow to locate them.
    6. If you want to search them you need to do that at night when they are most active for searching the food.
    7. You can see the disappearance of your pet food kept outside.
    8. Possums make loud scratching noises while building their nests.
    9. Their eyes glow at night which makes it easier to spot them. 
    10. They have sharp teeth that can damage your furniture, tree logs, and many other things.

    These are few indications that you can spot if you are having possums at your place. You need to get professional help as soon as you feel the presence of possums because living with possums under the same roof can be harmful.

    Why Choose Ace Pest Control Professionals?

      1. We have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals. 
      2. Our team has an experience of more than 15 years in removing possum and other pests.
      3. We provide safe and effective removal of possum from the premises. 
      4. The services we provide are fully guaranteed and result oriented.
      5. Our specialists provide 100% customer satisfaction.
      6. We can tackle any type of pest present at the premises.
      7. We have a team of local experts with 24*7 availability of services.
      8. The professionals are certified and licensed.
      9. We use eco-friendly solutions during the service.
      10. We also provide emergency services to the clients.

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    Q. Is internal access needed for possum removal treatment?

    This relies on the type of roof and if the pest removalist feels nice access, it will be gained through a manhole. Not all homes have a manhole, for instance, homes with flat roofs, however, it is a necessity for those with color bond, slate, or corrugated iron roofs. Internal access may not be needed for all possum removal visits, but is a must for initial inspection/ visit. The possum removal expert will pre-inform you if required.

    Q. How can you tell the difference between rats and possums?

    Possums are night pests and are very active during the night. You may often hear thumping noises from the roof and disturbing, screeching calls. On the other hand, rats are very common on roofs and you can hear them scampering around. Furthermore, rats can also be heard gnawing on woody areas like frames of timber, attics, etc. Without a professional possum inspection, it is hard to tell whether the property has been invaded by possums or rats.

    Q. Can you inspect my roof for possums in Brisbane?

    Yes, we can. Possums need a golf ball’s size void to squeeze through your roof. We offer same-day possum inspection services in Brisbane. So, you may call us out for a quick inspection by an expert possum expert. And, we will suggest a possum removal plan, if required.

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