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With numerous pest control companies in Geelong , why opt for Ace Pest Control? The reason being that we have been operating in the industry for more than 20 years, and we stand out in the market with our exceptional methods of pest control services that exceed the industry standards. Our pest control professionals are also cost-effective, making it easy to hire them. Additionally, we utilize environmentally friendly and natural pesticides to eliminate pests that cause trouble. As a result, we are the top preference for high-quality pest control services.

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    House or office filled with pests will not be a safe place, come to Victoria’s Top-Most Pest Control Destination who can send professionals to fix pest problems. We understand the situation and eliminate them effectively such that you do get pest attacks in future. Get the ultimate peace of mind with our reliable services.

    Why is Professional Pest Control Important?

    The history of pest control goes as far as the existence of humans, probably as the human population and food attract animals and birds and it came into observation especially when agriculture started.

    In case of a problem, what is the first thing that you do? Get to the root cause of the problem. As simply treating the problem as it is will keep bringing the problem over and over again. So is the case with pest infestation. You cannot get rid of the pests from your property completely unless you know where these unwanted guests are coming from and how. While it might be difficult to do it by yourself since you don’t know insect’s behaviours. However, professional pest controllers are experts in it. Hence, it advisable to call professionals for pest control geelong , for the right and effective treatment.

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    We  have specialist & safe pest treatments and offer pest control, removal and prevention services for domestic in geelong .

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    Ants control Services
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    Bee Control Geelong

    Bees are one of the common pests in the home. Getting rid of them is not an easy task with the help of home DIYs. Moreover, their sting can lead to severe pain and reaction to humans. Hence, it is important you get rid these fly pests from your home and garden before their infestation grows in size. Only professional pest control services are the best option for bee removal from your premise in the safest manner. Our professional pest control team is experienced and highly trained to handle such difficult pest issues. Specialised in flying pest control, our technicians never disappoint.

    Spider Control Geelong

    The range of our specialised pest control Geelong services also include spider pest control. However, spiders are a little useful to humans, as they eat other small pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and moths. But it’s better you don’t let spider infestation grow and spread in the home, as it can be dangerous too. Treating spiders with the homely conventional methods may not always bring you the desired result. Hence, it is advisable you go for professional pest control services. Professional pest controllers know the right methods and tips to rid the problem from your home. So, call us today and get our special deals on pest control Geelong .

    Fleas Control Geelong

    Fleas are crawling pests which love dark places and mainly found in the corner and crevices. They feed on the valuable items in the house and start destroying them. To get control on them spraying of pesticides at the places like a corner, below furniture and in the bed gap. The Fleas grow on their population in different stages but all the forms are not visible, and suddenly you will find them in huge number. Call for professional from Ace Pest Control who will fix out the Fleas at your place safely.

    flea Control

    Bed Bug Control Geelong

    Your bed is one of the most precious belongings in the home. You spend  7-8 hours sleeping and relaxing on it every night. But you might not be the only one relaxing on the bed, there could be those little blood-sucking bedbugs accompanying you. Bedbug infestation in the home or bedroom can create a complete nuisance and you may have to suffer may unforeseen situations. Though they are most active in the night, they also attack in the day if the infestation has reached to a heavy extent. Bed bugs feed Fon the human blood and also leave swallowed spots with red marks that cause intense itching. Thus, bed bugs pest control and removal become an essential task to do as soon as you figure the signs of their infestation. Trying to remove bedbugs at home can be effective in case of light infestation but when the infestation is heavy you need to get professional assistance.

    Rat and Mice Control Geelong

    Rat and mice both are complimentary of huge destruction in the house. They can enter your house from open doors, other gaps or by making holes. They generally feed on foodgrains but keep on cutting valuables like clothes and books. If you try DIY, they will play hide and seek with you. They can also bring lots of health risk as they are also counted among disease carrier. People usually try homely methods to control them which are not effective and give them time to grow their population. Without wasting any time, call professional pest Controllers and make your place rat and mice free.

    Our Pest Control Process in Geelong 

    The experience of finding insects or animals in the home can be very frustrating and especially frightening if these creatures are bigger such as rodents. Not only do they ruin your household items but are dangerous to the health of your family especially children. Hence, it is better to call the professionals to get the pests out of your home effectively. And our professionals can do this job to perfection.

    As soon as you inspect such activity in your house or notice these unexpected visitors, you can call our team of licensed experts to schedule a meeting and visit your property. The pet control procedure carried out by our team is as follows:

    • Complete building and property inspections
    • Treatments prior to construction
    • Installation of electronic devices for pest control
    • Installation of special traps in warehouses and backyards
    • Disinfection treatments
    • Once our team has identified the problem for you, we are determined to provide you with a satisfactory service with your choice.
    Pest Control

    Pesticides Spray Method

    According to the concentration of the pest, we prepare a solution of pesticides such that the spray will successfully kill the existing pest in the house. This does not involve more technical skills but the types of spray machine, pesticides and the way we do it has to be better for a better result. That is why professionals are recommended for the pesticides spray method, as they come prepared with the best products and are skilled.

    Get Rid of Seasonal Pests from your home and business

    Pest Control Services

    Among the varieties of pests, some of them are seasonal in nature. Seasonal pests are tricky in nature and they come from a hideout at once in large number and you will get irritated and fretted. Most of them are flying pests which do not harm you but in their presence, you will not be able to do any work. They can fall into food materials and spread their infection. They have a very small span of life. So to stop such attacks you can call professionals for pre-season pest treatments from Ace Pest Control and they will inspect the area which can get affected. Those vulnerable places will be treated and most probably you will not get attacks of seasonal pests. You can also hire us when you have attacks of seasonal pests because you did not get pre-season pest treatment.

    Protect Your Business from Pest Attack

    Depending upon the business you can have a problem from different pests. Processing or manufacturing industry can get attacks of cockroach, ants or rat etc. , document work office can have a problem, workplace people can get disturbed with the pests. The presence of any kinds of pests will either destroy some items of your business or disturb your worker. In any of the situation, your business will be at a loss. So it is advised to keep a healthy, safe and secure place for work as well as storage. Get the most reliable services from professionals of Ace Pest Control and grow your business at a large speed by making your office and workplace pests free.

    1. Offices– Office is a place for the storage of valuable documents as well as where you sit and work. The presence of pest can destroy the documents as they love cutting paper and clothes. They can also disturb you with their movements and change your mood for work.

    2. Food factories– These places have storage of food materials in large stock thus chances of getting pest attack is large. Ensure pest treatment before you start to store the food materials else get ready for the destruction loss by pests.

    3. Healthcare facilities-The places like hospitals or ward of patients can have pest attacks which can ruin their stay. The equipment or medicines can also be damaged by the pests. So it is always advised to keep such places pest free.

    4. Schools-A place where children go for education must be pests free as schools have also got storage of food grains, documents and books. The attacks of pests on the food materials may spread infection. The pests can create horror in the children mind which can disturb their concentration.

    Wasps Control

    Other Pests We Handle

    • Wasps: This flying pest is a danger as their bite give severe pain and sometimes mild fever. The attacks from a large number of wasps are fatal.  So, ensure cleanliness such that your place does not wasps nests and their attacks.
    • Mosquitos: This buzzing fly is among the most disturbing creature and a carrier of several deadly diseases. They can grow in humid condition and can survive in any environment. Fumigation helps in controlling the mosquitos effectively.
    • Moth: It gets stuck in the cloth and known for spreading allergic health risk. They are flying in nature and leave out their colour wherever they sit. They are nocturnal in habits thus they become highly active in nights.
    • Flies: The irritating flies are the vector of disease and sometimes they can get into your mouth, nose or ear. They sit on open food materials and spread the pathogens. Keeping your place clean can stop their presence.
    • Silverfish: The insect which feeds on clothes and destroys it. Once they get into your cupboards or beds they can not be easily killed or expelled out. Do not leave your stuff untouched for the long gap.

    Same Day Pest Control Geelong

    Identification of the problem is the first step to the right solution and our teams of experts can do this for you but we wouldn’t leave you alone without a satisfactory solution. Whether there is a need to deal with creepy crawlies such as spider control, wasps control or ants control or there are bigger creatures like rodents enjoying their special vacation at your expense, we make sure to provide the best treatment that eradicates the problem from the core and prevent them from returning.

    Our helpline 0482077150 is available 24/7 to facilitate you, provide you with the best price quotes, give you some basic education on how to deal with the problem first hand, and offer special emergency services in case a pest situation goes out of hands.

    Our Pest Control Geelong Clients

    We have a big list of our valuable clients across all the suburbs of Geelong . Following properties where we offer our services:

    • Homes
    • Offices
    • Factories
    • Childcare Centers
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Schools
    • Educational Institutes

    Our Pest Control Services

    Cockroach Control Geelong

    Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pests that are likely to be found in every place. Cockroaches are the nocturnal pests notorious for spreading mess and disease around the home. Thus, it is important you give special attention to cockroach infestation. In case if you happen to see cockroaches crawling around your property, make sure you take necessary actions for their removal. And if the infestation is denser than you have thought, then it is important you go for professional pest control services.

    End of Lease Pest Control Geelong

    Looking for end of lease pest control services in Geelong ? We have caught you there too. When lease comes to an end, tentants start looking for the best service provider in get the job efficiently. Depending on the lease agreement, you should particulary have flea treatement, in case you have a pet. We start our end of lease treatment when the property is cleaned. Our professionals carry out the tasks in with the utmost care, making the whole thing easy for you.

    Why Choose Ace Pest Control?

    We understand your busy routines and our local teams are ready 24/7 to provide you with services on flexible hours that suit your routine. The same day service facility is to provide you with the pest control in case you are planning a special event and need to get rid of these creatures. Just call in the morning and you’ll be rid of your pest problem before you go to bed that night. These are some of the reasons you should hire us for pest control services.

    • Eco-friendly chemicals
    • Licensed pest controllers
    • Same day pest control services
    • 24*7 services with flexible timings
    • Follow Checkups and revisits
    • Cost-effective treatments
    • We also offer our services of Pest Control in Brisbane

    With our years of experience in the field, we provide the most satisfactory services in Geelong that you won’t get anywhere else.

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