Millipede Pest Control

The name “millipedes” is derived from the Latin that translates to “thousand feet.” However, there are no such known millipede species with thousand feet. Scientifically, this arthropod group belongs to the class Diplopoda.


Millipedes come in different sizes and shapes. Their sizes can range from about 2mm to 35 cm. Moreover, they can also have eleven to more than a hundred segments. These are mainly found in brown or black colouration. Their main characteristic is the jointed legs of two pairs that are present on each body segment.

Life cycle

There are about seven or eight life cycles that the millipedes undergo in order to reach the adult stage. The female millipede can lay 20-300 eggs which then hatch after some weeks. It takes 2-5 years for the millipedes to mature. Generally, the lifespan of a millipede ranges from seven to ten years.


Millipedes are mostly scavengers, feeding on dead and decaying vegetation. However, there are some species that eat the roots of plants.

Though there are various habitats you can find millipedes, they are mostly present in moist and dark places such as rotted logs, bark, underneath stones, etc. Moreover, they stay hidden during the hot weather under the soil. Millipedes are mostly seen at night and are known for releasing a foul smell. That aids them in getting rid of predators.

Tips On Millipedes Prevention

  • Make sure that your floors are dry and the trash is covered.
  • Seal any gaps or crevices in the house.
  • Vacuum up the millipedes as soon as you see them.
  • Repair water leaks immediately.
  • Refrain from crushing millipedes as the pungent odour might cause nauseating sensations.

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