How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Are you safe during your sleep? How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? The most important question asked to every human being. Most people are not aware of the presence of bed bugs. These deadly blood-sucking bugs jump into the human body during the night for their feed. It becomes really important to take care of yourself during nighttime. Having a bed bug bite can be noticed by a sudden rash or itching at a particular part of the body. This is so because human blood is the main source of their meal. They get into our skin and suck our blood. A bug can live up to 70 days without sucking any blood whereas a good blood consumer bug can live up to several months. 

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Know About Bed Bugs

Why are these bugs called bed bugs? They are called bed bugs because they mostly survive in our mattresses, sofa, clothes, and other household components. These small blood-sucking bugs are prone to warm temperatures, and that’s why they choose the human body as the host. The most active time for these bugs is 12 Am to 5 Am as most of us are in a deep sound sleep. The bugs put their mouth into our skin and then insert their saliva and slowly start sucking our blood. Some of us don’t feel them while in sleeping mode. The bug will leave red marks and rashes on our skin later which makes us itch. It takes almost 14 days or more for bed bugs bites to be healed.

Initially, it shows no symptoms to us. But later we can see three continuous lines in the skin which indicate that the bug is feeding in our skin over a long time. These bed bugs usually come from the old furniture and then jump into our mattress and pillow. Though these bugs don’t have wings but still, they move to floors through the hole in walls and carry away while shifting the furniture.

Types of Bed Bugs

There are 90 species of blood-sucking insect families. Here are some of the most common types of bed bugs given below:

1. Cimex Lectularius

Cimex Lectularius is a common type of bed bug. These bugs are small in size about 4mm to 6mm in length. A female bed bug can lay two or three eggs per day throughout the adult lifetime. Bed bugs are mostly found in every area colonized by humans.

2. Cimex Hemipterus

Cimex Hemipterus is commonly known as a tropical bed bug. These species of bed bugs reside in human domiciles within cracks, crevices, or mattress. Like other species of bed bugs they become active at night.

3. Afrocimex Constrictus

Afrocimex Constrictus is also known as bat bugs. They are blood sucking insects that usually feed on the blood of bats. To differentiate then you need a microscopic examination. They can bite humans as well.

Signs of Having Bed Bugs Infestation

There are few signs that ensure that you are having bed bugs at your place. You must be experiencing itchiness over your body after waking up in the morning which was not before at the time of your sleep. Other signs which prove that you might be having bed bugs inside the premises.

  1. Bloodstains on the bed sheets and pillowcases.
  2. Bed bugs bite rash across the particular area.
  3. You may experience an uncomfortable night.
  4. You can realize the odor of the bed bug’s presence.
  5. Dark spots of bed bugs excretion on mattresses, walls, clothes etc.
  6. You can also spot the eggshells and the shed skins of these bugs.

Hiding Spots of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs usually hide in cozy and undetected places which are difficult to reach. They have flattened bodies that help them to fit into tiny spaces. Bed Bugs don’t build nests to live in like bees, wasps, ants, etc. They tend to survive in the dark hiding spots. The most common hiding spot of bed bugs in mattresses, bed frames, and box springs so that they can easily access to bite the human at night. 

These bugs also hide in small wood holes, gym bags, backpacks, sofas, cabinets, drawers, books, footwears, lightening appliances and many more similar things. They come out of their hiding spots and bite the humans and suck their blood out. This generally happens when the people are sleeping.

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Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation

  1. Vacuum the floor and bed sheets regularly.
  2. Try to keep the other furniture clean.
  3. Don’t keep the food items open to avoid contamination by the bed bugs.
  4. Keep all your bed sheets thoroughly clean.
  5. If you spot a bloodstain on your bed sheet then you can clean it using alcohol or any other reliable product. 
  6. The vacuum cleaner cannot reach all the areas of your house, so you should steam clean those areas.
  7. The best and the effective way to completely get rid of Bed Bugs, you must Hire Professional Bed Bugs Controllers for the service.

DIY Tips to Remove Bed Bugs

Here are some of the most effective DIY tips to get rid of bed bugs at home.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is the most common home remedy to remove bed bugs. You can simply sprinkle the baking soda all around your beddings.

  • Talcum Powder

To remove the bed bugs completely, you can spray talcum powder. You can set up a trap where you can place the talcum powder in a container and keep it under the mattress.

  • Alcohol

If you spot a bed bug you can spray alcohol on the particular area. You can apply the solution to the area infested by bed bugs like on the bedding frame.

  • Mothballs

Mothballs are the best choice to keep the bugs away from the premises. You just need to place mothballs where you spot the bed bugs like under the furniture, and bedding. 

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a common ingredient used to eradicate bed bugs from the home.Just spray a few drops of tea tree oil in the house like sofa, couch and bedding.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

  1. To get rid of bed bugs you can use pest control solutions in the furniture and on the corners of the house to chase the bed bugs out of the house.
  2. You must change your pillow covers and mattress regularly which reduces the risk of bed bugs entering your place while you sleep.
  3. Wash your travel bags if you are back from a long trip, and keep them away from the bedroom to stop the entry of bugs into the bed.
  4. When we get a bite from a bed bug, we get a serious irritation in the skin after taking an antibiotic or applying a cream or lotion which reduces the skin irritation and will give us relief from pain.
  5. To eliminate the bed bugs you can use proper disinfectant which creates allergy to the bed bugs and make them run away.

Even a tiny bed bug creates serious damage to our skin. To get the best and safe sleep during the night, you need to ensure that your home is completely free from bed bugs. Sleeping with those nasty bugs can be harmful to children and elder people. And the people with the least immunity may suffer more. It’s better to Hire Professional Pest Exterminators to get rid of bed bugs. 

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Final Thought

If you are suspecting bed bug infestation inside the premises then you can follow these steps to exterminate the bed bugs. The tips mentioned above will surely be very helpful in eliminating the pests and you will soon see the results. But if you are urging to hire professionals for the service, then without wasting time, just Contact the experts of Ace Pest Control Brisbane for the service.

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