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Best Fleas Control in Melbourne

Fleas are those insects which cannot fly but get stuck in the body of the animals and the human beings. They are external parasites which are present in the body of the birds, mammals etc., from there they may get into our homes and to our pets. This creates a huge problem for the family members and the pets in our house.

Moreover, fleas create an unhealthy environment to live in. Not to worry, if you are a resident of Melbourne and suffer from fleas infestation then Ace Pest Control is to your rescue. Our team of professionals has helped various households to deal with pest infestation issues this year. They loved our services and promised to hire us in future.

Best Fleas Control in Melbourne

Best Fleas Control in Melbourne

Types of Fleas That May Invade Our House

  • Human Fleas

These fleas have been discovered recently. They are found in the hairy parts of the human body such as underarms, head etc. They usually stick to the hair. So, keeping yourself clean and your environment clean is very necessary.

  • Cat Fleas

As the name suggests, they are generally found in the body of the cats. Many people prefer keeping cats as their pets and these fleas get transferred from the body of the cat to the various spots in the house. Their favorite places include carpets and rugs- as they have a hairy texture.

  • Rat Fleas

There are a number of species of fleas that mainly feed on blood. Now, many families love to keep rat as their pet. These fleas often attack your pet rats and from there get transferred to the human body also. They prefer cozy and warm atmosphere.

  • Sand Fleas

Talking about their physical appearance, they have the most striking and the unique look among all the class of fleas known. These fleas can be called as vegan as they generally feed on vegetation, plants etc. They may also feed on blood quite a time.

  • Sticktight Fleas
Best Fleas Control

Best Fleas Control

These fleas usually stick their heads into to the skin of the animals such as dogs, cat, horse, birds etc. As they hold on tight to the body of their host, it is quite difficult to remove them from the skin of the victim. They can lead to various diseases, especially in cattle and animals.

  • Springtale Fleas

This class of fleas is also termed as snow fleas. They prefer to stay in dirty places like dump areas. They can get stuck in the skin if it is infected. That means if you have some skin disease and they are present in your environment they may attack the infected skin.

Why is it Necessary to Control Fleas Infestation in the House?

There should be proper flea control methods because:

  • Fleas have the worst effect on your pets and the cattle. They may cause skins diseases in them such as inflammation and infection. They may fall ill as well.
  • If the pets and cattle fall ill in your house, it is likely to affect the members of the family as well. It leads to unhygienic environment and living conditions for the kids and the adults. Kids are mostly affected.
  • Some fleas feed on blood. They may stick to your skin and cause serious issues.
  • The fleas which get transferred to the carpets and the rugs from the body of the pets may get stuck in the skin of your kids who usually roam around in the house. This may be a painful experience for the little ones.

All in all, fleas create a messy, dirty, unhealthy and unhygienic environment for humans as well as animals- so their control and removal is necessary.

How to Control Fleas Infestation?

  • Attack them at the source only

Most of the flea infestation in the house occurs due to the pets and the cattle, they might have caught them while outside. No worry. Try to use fleas comb on the body of your pets regularly. Pay main attention to the neck and the tail areas. Also, concern a veterinarian if the problem is huge.

  • Maintain cleanliness in your house

Whether you have pets in the house or not, try to maintain regular cleanliness in the house, mostly with the pets and the kids around. Make sure to use a good sanitizer regularly. Vacuum the house well on the weekends. Try to separate footwear pair from the outside and the inside of the house. This prevents fleas to get into your house.

  • Maintain cleanliness in pet’s home as well
Fleas Control Melbourne

Fleas Control Melbourne

If you have an additional house for the pets in the house, make sure to clean it with an organic sanitizer every once a while. If you see any sign of flea infestation immediately clean it and if the problem is out of hands to call some professional help.

Our Fleas Control Process

1) As soon as we receive an appointment from our client, we send two of our experts to inspect the place.

2) Next day our team of professionals goes to the site and start the process. First, we make sure to clean the pets because they are the main host of the fleas.

3) Then, we sanitize every corner of the house and the sites which possibly must have been infected. If needed, we spray an organic chemical at the backyards and in the gardens as well.

4) After that, even if we find 1% of the fleas anywhere we spray an organic chemical at the infected site in order to combat with the future infestation.

5) After the completion of the process, we make sure to re-check the entire site so that there is no scope of complaint left.

Why Hire Ace Pest Control?

1) Our work is extremely trustworthy and there is no scope of the complaint.

2) Our team of professionals is highly trained and skilled at their work.

3) The price we charge for this work is extremely reasonable and can be afforded by every class of people.

4) The chemicals and the sanitizers we use are completely organic and the kids, as well as the pets, are not infected by its use.

Try our services once, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed at all.




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