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Flea Infestation Treatment in Melbourne

Are you bothering about flea infestation in your home and want to get rid of them? Call Ace Flea Control Melbourne for the best flea treatment with pocket-friendly rates.

Mostly flea infestation found on pets, but even if you don’t have any pets, these tiny insects can still make their way to your house or workplace where they can create tremendous problems. You require Expert Flea Controller and a premier-quality flea treatment.

We use the best flea control methods that are most effective to exterminate flea infestations thoroughly. Our eradicators are fully qualified, skilled, and experienced. In addition to flea inspection and treatment services, we also offer a flea prevention plan and regular investigations.

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    What is Flea Infestation?

    Flea infestation is a result of fleas latching themselves to the skin of your pets. Once inside your house, these fleas lay eggs in dark and cool places like beneath heavy furniture and floorboards. These insects can lay more than 200 eggs per month. Their larvae can live up to ten months in egg form. And hatched adult fleas live for another three or four months. Flea insects usually go inoperative if there is no activity around the infested area, but get woken up by the vibrations from pets and humans walking around the nest. These fleas are most commonly found in flats and residences.

    Types of Fleas

    There are many species of fleas, but the most common insect that are found in Australia are Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas which creates a problem in the premises. These fleas provide trouble to our beloved pets by those flea bites. Here are the types of insects explained in brief:

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    Cat Fleas

    Cat fleas are usually 3 mm long and are wingless ticks. These fleas have long legs which enables them to jump long. Cat fleas generally reside in where the host or cat rests, like in a cat basket.

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    Dog Fleas

    Dog fleas are 1 – 4 mm long and look reddish-black after having a blood meal. Due to their flattened body, they can easily jump 6 inches long from one host to another.

    What are the Signs of Flea Infestation?

    The identification of flea infestation is easy. The most challenging task is to eliminate the flea infestation from the pets and premises. Here are the few indications that will prove that you do have a flea infestation.

    • Check your pets, if your pet is scratching extremely, check the fur.
    • Check the skin & hair of your pet because infested pets have reddish skin and may lose hair. 
    • If you see fleas moving between pet hair or flea poop are found on your pet’s skin.
    • Discomfort and irritation caused by pets.

    Tips to Prevent Fleas Infestation

    Here are some of the pest prevention tips which must be followed to avoid the flea infestation inside the premises:

    • To control the fleas infestation, spray pesticides on a fixed interval.
    • Protect your pets by giving them a Flea Treatment on a regular basis.
    • Keeping a clean surrounding is one of the methods to prevent fleas.
    • Wash your as well as your pet’s beddings in warm water.
    • Vacuum your carpets and rugs thoroughly.
    • Besides these, you can also get professional flea treatment which keeps complete control over their growth and infestations.
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    Expert Flea Treatment in Melbourne

    If you want to treat fleas completely, you require to hire the specialists for better assistance. Just give us a call at 0482077150. Do it yourself techniques not always work appropriately when infestation severe. In that case, choose the pest exterminator instead of doing yourself. Ace Flea Control Melbourne specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your premises and ensure that the infestation controlled and your issues will be resolved.

    1. The first thing experts will do is that they will recognize the cause of flea infestation.
    2. Our specialists will let you know about the treatment of fleas for your pets.
    3. Regular grooming and bathing of your pets are most important.
    4. After that, our experts will apply the flea treatment in the premises to remove and destroy the fleas, eggs, larvae, and all the life cycle stages of flea infestation.
    5. At last, our crew of specialists will perform a follow-up visit after the treatment is done.
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    Do Flea Bite Humans?

    Sadly, the answer is yes; fleas do bite people. These insects generally appear during the hotter months and feast on the blood of any warm-blooded creature, pets, and humans too. These insects prefer their hosts to be your pets such as cats and dogs, so as soon as they discover that you are a human, they jump off to search for a new source of food. Fleas can jump and can effortlessly move inside the house as well as to footwear. Fleas will infest places where pets and human sleep, and then quickly increase.


    Make sure, a clean home doesn’t mean that you can resist from flea infestation. You need to treat your pets from the flea problem as soon as you can. You can undergo manual flea treatment as well as a chemical flea treatment for better results.

    Areas We Serve for Flea Control

    Ace Flea Control Melbourne provides services all over Australia. The team of our experts is always ready to help you, you just need to give a call and tell us about your flea issues. We provide the services on the emergency bookings as we are available 24*7 for the service. The main suburbs which we cover are:

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    Cost of Flea Treatment

    Ace Flea Control Melbourne never asks for any additional charges or any hidden charges. The services provided by our team of specialists are safe and effective—our team of professionals offers services at very affordable and cost-effective prices. The expenses depend on the size of the premises and the type of infestation caused. The estimated costs that are charged to eradicate fleas from the premises vary from $100 – $400. Not only this, but we also offer a warranty period, which means that if any problem arises shortly, our experts will come and retreat your property free of cost. You can also call our experts today for flea treatment service in Brisbane at low cost.

    Why Choose Ace Flea Control Melbourne?

    Below are some reasons to choose our experts for flea removal service :

    • Our specialists provide the guaranteed extermination of fleas.
    • We have experience of more than 15 years.
    • We have a team of fully certified, licensed, and qualified experts.
    • We can tackle all types of flea infestation present in the premises.
    • We are available 24×7 to assist you with flea extermination services.
    • We use eco-friendly and human-friendly solutions to eliminate fleas.
    • Our specialists offer 100% customer satisfaction.
    • We cover all areas of Melbourne for flea eradication.
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    Interface With Us

    To ensure the safety and health of your family and pets, it is necessary to hire professionals and get the Flea Control Services done immediately. Our experts at Ace Flea Control Melbourne are highly trained and experienced to help you with 100% customer satisfaction services. We will recommend the best plan of action after the inspection of your home. The Flea Removal Melbourne offers the services at very affordable and pocket-friendly prices. For more information and to get a free quote you just need to contact Ace Pest Control by calling us at 0482077150. Our experts will get in touch with you at the scheduled date and time as you mentioned.

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    Q. How do fleas multiply?

    Fleas mostly spend their time on the bodies of hosts- possibly your cat or dog, they do not usually lay eggs there. However, fleas prepare to lay eggs on carpeting, rugs, upholstery, and other similar items of the house. The eggs hatch faster, mostly in a little of 2 to 3 days.

    Q. How can I get rid of fleas completely from my Melbourne home?

    Eradicating fleas can be a lengthy process. It covers a number of steps. Start with vacuuming the home, covering all upholstery. You will then require a mop for all laminate, hardwood, and tiled flooring. Now, apply the flea treatment. Wait for the next two to three days. Re vacuum the entire property.

    If still not satisfied with the DIY flea control method, call us, and our flea control Melbourne team can help you with all flea control solutions at low rates.

    Q. Are your flea management products and services safe for pets and family?

    Yes, we maximize the use of safe and green flea control solutions for treating pests. Furthermore, none of our flea treatment methods is harmful to your pet or family. Rather, we render safe and quick elimination of fleas off your pet’s body and your home. So, get in touch with us to get a quick flea-free home!

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