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Hire expert flea professionals to treat flea infestations in Hobart 

Fleas are very tiny insect pests. And they are found in huge numbers altogether. You must have noticed your pets scratching continuously. This solely is because of fleas living on their bodies. Moreover, this is a very stressful situation for animals. Also, fleas have the ability to jump up to 8 to 12 inches. Hence, this is how they transfer from animals to other animals. And end up sucking blood and leaving wounds on your pets. 

Ace Pest Control is one of the most opted flea pest control professionals. The flea control Hobart team provides a wide number of flea pest removal services. Like dog flea treatments, cat flea treatments, flea treatment for puppies, flea treatment for kittens, rabbit flea treatment. And they also start residing in carpets, bed linens, and mattresses. Hence, get rid of these tiny pests today. Call us on our customer care number available here 0482077150

Diversified variety of flea control and removal services catalogue 

  • Same day flea control services – Now you can also access same day flea control in Hobart. Our flea exterminators will reach your premise on the same day of your booking. 
  • Pre-purchase inspection and treatment flea control – Are you buying a new home or property? Then you might want to consider getting a flea inspection service. So that your new home is flea pest free when you move in. 
  • Restaurant flea control services – Now we also provide easy and affordable restaurant flea control. Call us to know more about our services. 
  • Flea inspection and removal services – Now get your hands on reliable flea inspection service. As well as flea treatment service in Hobart. Our professionals will treat fleas using innovative and right methods. Thus, giving fast and long term solutions to flea pest infestations. 
  • Emergency flea removal services – If you want to opt for an emergency flea control service. We can provide that as well. Just call our team to book the inspection and other services. 
  • Home flea control and treatment services – We are the prime home flea control service provider. Hence, stop waiting and starting booking with our customer care. 

Types Of Fleas and How to Treat Them Accordingly 

Fleas are easy to identify. Firstly, they have a flat body. And they have hair that is shaped towards the backward side of their legs. You must have tried removing fleas from your pet’s body? It almost seems like they are glued to the skin. This is because of the grip they get with spines and hair on their legs. 

There are almost 2000 different varieties of fleas found all around the world. For instance – 

  • cat fleas
  • dog fleas
  • sand fleas
  • human fleas
  • rat fleas
  • oriental fleas
  • chigoe fleas
  • sticktight fleas 

They reproduce at a very fast rate. The females lay upto 2000 eggs in their whole lifetime. And these fleas can survive without any food and blood for upto 100 days. 

Hence, it is not advised to let the fleas keep growing without any treatment. 

All round the clock availability of flea infestation control and removal services in Hobart

Professional help is advised when it comes to flea infestations. As it does not take much time for them to grow and spread. Hence, we are the right expert professionals for any kind of flea pest infestations. We offer flea control services all round the clock. Our customer service team works all day and all night. Hence, you get a chance to make bookings anytime. Moreover, you can clear all your queries with us. 

Hence, make the bookings today and grab your hands on our amazing offers in Hobart. You can also call our experts for flea removal service in Canberra.

Advantages one gets to experience by selecting our flea control team Hobart 

  • Easy accessibility of flea control near you – Are you searching for a reliable flea control near me professional team? We are your best local experts in flea infestations. 
  • High experience and professionalism – Moreover, our professional team has a great experience when it comes to fleas. They have undergone years of professional training. Hence, making them eligible for providing a trustworthy total care flea control to people in Hobart. 
  • Competitive pricing options – Firstly, we make sure to keep our prices at a low cost. As we do not like to charge our clients with unnecessary flea fumigation costs. 
  • Advanced and updated flea control tools – We always keep ourselves updated with the latest and best flea control products. For example – spraying for fleas, powders, flea stop shampoos, carpet flea treatments, flea fumigation and flea foggers. 
  • Timely services in Hobart – Secondly, our professionals perform flea control quickly and efficiently. 

Now get your hands on our expert flea control nearby areas of Hobart as well 

Our expert flea controllers are now available in areas in and around Hobart. Hence, if you are living in North Hobart, Mount Stuart, South Hobart, Battery Point, and Campbell Stuart. You are welcome to hire our professionals. And experience all the benefits of professional and high-class flea control. Therefore, we are trying to expand and reach as many people as possible. Call us to know about our availability in your region. 


  • Can fleas be harmful to humans as well?
  • Fleas can bite and infect humans as well. Moreover, they are capable of transmitting diseases like plague and flu. Moreover, they trigger allergies and cause constant irritation.  Hence, this makes them potentially unsafe to have around your pets and family. 

    What are the common and early signs of flea infestations to look out for? 

    Firstly, always observe your pet’s behaviour. If you notice them constantly scratching and chewing themselves, then it’s time to call a flea pest professionally. Secondly, look for small itchy bites near your ankles and your lower legs. Call our flea control team to deal with these fleas. 

    How can your professionals make an important impact in controlling fleas in Hobart? 

    We have the right products and tools to deal with flea pests. Moreover, our team focuses on using only eco-friendly insecticides. Hence, you will experience a hassle free flea control service in Hobart. And our treatment is very effective and long lasting as well. 

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