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Fleas are the most irritating pests for humans. Fleas can really cause havoc on your home if you do not hire professional Flea Treatment. If you are in search of “Flea Control near me” then, Ace Pest Control is the top flea Pest control service provider in Adelaide. Our Flea Control Adelaide team provides the best level of Dog Flea Treatment and Cat Flea Treatment. We are available at all times to provide the utmost Fleas treatment for the home. We will respond quickly to your call for flea pest control and perform an effective flea treatment.

So stop thinking and just call us at 0482077150.

Common signs of Fleas Infestation In Your Home

  • An infestation of fleas is indicated by pets scratching and grooming themselves repeatedly. Fleas feed on the blood of the pet, causing discomfort in the pet.
  • Additionally, flea bites can leave behind itchy bite marks. 
  • This black pepper-looking dirt of fleas appears in pet beds, carpets, rugs and other areas where pets rest.
  • There are also flea eggs and larvae that need to be dealt with. These are less active and less obvious, so you will find them in odd places like under furniture, under pet bedding, in cracks, and even in your carpet. 

Various Services We Offer

Flea Inspection And Removal

Get Flea removal service by our professional and friendly Flea control Adelaide team. Our flea exterminators will inspect the area thoroughly before doing any flea treatment and spraying for fleas. They will inform you about the service you need and then proceed accordingly. They will use the best equipment and techniques to inspect and flea treatment.

Same Day Flea Removal

Our professional flea control Adelaide team is available to provide you with the best flea treatment for the house. We provide same day Flea pest control all over Adelaide. We will be there within 24 hours of your booking. 

Emergency Flea Removal 

We offer emergency flea removal services by a team of professional flea exterminators, whose main objective is to serve our clients as best as possible. So call us if you require flea removal services in any type of emergency.

Domestic Flea Control

Our team of the most reliable and Best flea Control service providers is able to provide you with safe and effective flea fumigation. Our team of experts has several years of experience in the field of flea treatment. Hire us for the best flea control service.

Pre-purchase Flea Inspection

Our highly-trained team has extensive experience with all types of flea inspections. Feel free to get in touch with us for a pre-purchase flea inspection and flea removal services, which will help you in making a wise decision.

Restaurant Flea Control

Our team of trained and experienced flea exterminators has helped countless clients in making their restaurant’s atmosphere safe and pest-free. Contact us for Restaurant flea control. 

Eco-Friendly and Affordable Flea treatment all over Adelaide

Our team of highly-trained flea exterminators ensures to use of the finest natural products and sanitizing agents. Which are safe to use for humans and pets. If you are looking for flea control near me, then our team can assist you. Our flea exterminators provide quality services at very affordable flea fumigation costs Therefore, relax and book our flea treatment services with no hesitation. You can also take advantage of our best and affordable flea control in Brisbane.

What you can do to keep fleas away from your home?

DIY practices can be helpful for a variety of pest problems, but they have minimal benefit for flea treatment. The most direct way to keep fleas outside is to seal cracks, gaps, and holes to prevent rodents from getting in.

To prevent fleas from breeding in your house, remove outdoor flea habitats and consult your veterinarian and ask them for flea control products. And the best way for flea treatment is to hire professional flea exterminators who can conduct dog flea treatment and flea treatment for kittens in an effective way.

Why choose our Flea Control services

  • We offer very reasonable rates.
  • All our solutions are eco-friendly.
  • We offer same-day services.
  • We are always available for you 24/7.
  • All our exterminators are highly trained and certified. 
  • We offer free quotations over call. 

We provide top-notch flea treatment services all over Adelaide and Nearby suburbs

Our trained flea exterminators with years of experience will ensure you’re protected from fleas and pests. Also, you are receiving the best flea pest control service at very low rates. We are available 24/7 at your services all over Adelaide and nearby suburbs. 

Our top quality services are available all over Hindmarsh, Kent Town, Henley Beach South, North Brighton, Henley Beach, North Adelaide, Black Forest, Glenelg North, and beyond. Call us today to book an appointment. 


Is flea infestation a serious issue in Adelaide? 

The infestation of fleas can cause a lot of problems. In addition, flea bites may cause significant amounts of itchiness and irritation, and sensitive individuals may experience allergic responses as well. 

Are your products safe for my family and pets? 

Pest control products that our flea exterminators use are environmentally friendly, and we know how to apply these products in your home appropriately.

Why is flea prevention important? 

Even a single flea bite can cause a week-long allergic reaction. Most commonly seen in the summer months. But, they may affect your pet throughout the year.

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