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It’s Not Just One You See, It’s Thousand Cockroaches You Don’t See !!

Cockroaches are the most common pests found in Brisbane. They are one of the most unsanitary pests. A single cockroach in a home seems like a heavy cockroach infestation. As soon as you spot a cockroach inside the premises you need to be careful and treatment should be done as the roaches contaminate the food and other things. This spreads a lot of diseases and may harm the health of your family. Looking for professionals to get you rid of cockroaches now? Contact the expert team of Ace Cockroach Control Brisbane who provides the best and safe services on the same day hiring.

Cockroaches have genetics to survive even in the hardest conditions. This is the infestation which can’t be removed with the normal cleaning of the house. That is the reason why Ace Pest Control has come up with a wide range of cockroach control and other pest control services to help you deal with them. We have a team of verified cockroach control experts who are fully trained to eliminate them from their place.


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    Common Type of Cockroaches Found In Australia

    Out of 4000 species of cockroaches and among them 450 species are seen in Australia. Here is the list of most common cockroaches infestation which is found in Brisbane.


    American Cockroaches

    Appearance: American Cockroaches are largest in size. They have an average length of 4 cm and are around 7 mm tall. These roaches are reddish brown in colour and on their head they have a yellowish margin.

    Habitat: These American Cockroaches usually reside in moist and dark places. They can also live in dry places if there is easy access to water. These cockroaches are commonly found in sewers, basements and drainage pipes.


    American cockroach


    German cockroach

    German Cockroaches

    Appearance: German Cockroaches have a small body size. They have an estimated size of 1.1 cm – 1.6 cm long. The color of these german roaches varies from tan shade to black and they have parallel streaks from their head to wings.

    Habitat: These german cockroaches prefer to live in humid and warm places but the fact is that they can reside anywhere. They usually infest the places where there is easy availability of food and water.


    Brown Banded Cockroaches

    Appearance: Brown Banded Cockroaches is one of the small cockroach species. They are approximately 10 – 14 mm long. These roaches are light brown in color and have two yellow brown stripes across the wings and abdomen.

    Habitat: These Brown Banded Cockroaches like to live in drier and warmer places. So they prefer to roam around in houses such as bed rooms and living rooms. They are less common in restaurants. You can also spot them in daytime.


    Brown Banded cockroach


    Oriental cockroach

    Oriental Cockroaches

    Appearance: Oriental Cockroaches are large in size and have dark and shiny skin. They are almost 20 – 25 mm in size.

    Habitat: These Oriental Cockroaches are known as water bugs as they prefer to live in dark and moist places. These roaches are comparatively slower than other species. They are usually found in decaying organic matter, sewers, drains, porches etc.


    How To Identify Cockroach Infestation?

    No one likes to have any type of pest infestation in the premises whether it is a commercial property or a residential property. But the problem is that, many of the people are not able to identify the signs that the pest has attacked the house. It is always better to take precautionary measures before the infestation grows. Here are the few signs which will guide you that you are having cockroach infestation inside the premises.


    1. Shed Skin

    If you are having a cockroach infestation at your premises, you will spot the shed skins of roaches inside the premises because while growing into an adult the cockroaches shed their skin 6-7 times in their life span.


    2. Roach Droppings

    While roaming around in the property, cockroaches leave behind the black droppings that appear like ground coffee. Their droppings are small, even less than 1 mm.


    3. Egg Capsules

    Having the presence of egg capsules in the dark corners of the room or cupboards, near the garbage area or drainage pipes ensures that you have cockroach infestation inside the premises.


    4. Spatter Marks

    Cockroaches leave some irregular brown shaped marks while crawling on water from one place to another.


    5. Damaged Things

    It will come into your notice that not only your food items are being contaminated but also your books and other stuff will also be seen damaged.


    6. Cockroach Sightings

    If your premises is infested by cockroaches then you might see the live cockroach in your basement, kitchen, almirah, drains of your house as they prefer to reside in dark and moist places.


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    Steps Taken to Exterminate the Cockroaches From the Property

    Cockroach infestation is the most common infestation found in Australia. So, there are a lot of options and methods available for the extermination of cockroaches from the premises. You need to take the correct measures to eliminate the roaches as each method works effectively. Follow these following steps:

    Cockroach Bait: The most common method used to exterminate the cockroaches from the premises is using a cockroach bait. This method is most commonly used indoors such as kitchens, hotels, hospitals, etc. Cockroach bait is available in three formats i.e gel, liquid and solid. This is considered the most successful method for the extermination of whole colonies of roaches from the premises.

    Cockroach Fumigation: The fumigation method is the traditional method used for the elimination of cockroaches. This involves the utilization of insecticides and pesticides to eradicate the roaches from a particular area. The fumigation process is used when the cockroach infestation is at an immense level. To reduce the infestation a gas is used in that zone. Cockroach fumigation is commonly used at business places like manufacturing, warehousing, milling and agriculture.

    Heat Treatment: Heat treatment is also used as one of the common methods for exterminating the cockroaches from the property. This is the safe and eco-friendly method for the removal of the cockroach infestation. This eradicates all the roaches whether it’s an egg or an adult.

    Methods used to remove cockroaches


    Exterminate Cockroaches


    DIY Tips to Exterminate Cockroaches

    Having a cockroach infestation? You can try these DIY tips which can help you to eliminate the roaches from the premises. Before calling an expert for the service, you can go through these home remedies.

    • Baking Soda & Sugar
    • Bay Leaves
    • Fabric Softener Spray
    • Lemon Juice

    To get the detailed information, check this – how to get rid of cockroaches.


    Tips to Prevent Cockroaches Infestation

    After the cleaning and removal of cockroach infestation, you need to take some preventive measures to prevent the cockroaches from infesting the premises again. The following steps will surely help in preventing the cockroach infestation at home.

    Elimination of food sources

    The most effective way to obstruct the cockroaches is to eliminate the food, water and shelter sources. Just follow these things:

    • Never leave the food open overnight.
    • Don’t leave water in sinks or in buckets.
    • Clean your kitchen after cooking each meal.
    • Try to store food in airtight containers.
    • Keep your kitchens and drains very clean.

    Maintenance of Garbage

    To avoid the entry of roaches in the premises you have to keep your premises neat by stopping dropping the garbage indoors and outdoors. As cockroaches are very well known to survive in garbage bins. It is clear that we all dispose of the leftovers in the garbage bins which becomes the source of cockroach infestation. So, make sure that you clean the garbage bin on a daily basis.

    Keep a Check on The Sewage and Drain Pipes

    The best place for cockroaches to survive is the drainage and sewage pipes. You have to keep a regular check on the leakages. If any leakage or problem, fix them as soon as possible. There are many products available to remove the cockroach infestation in your drains and pipes.


    prevention tips to eliminate cockroaches


    Areas We Serve

    Ace Cockroach Control covers almost the whole Australia. The team of our experts are always ready to help you, you just need to give a call and tell us about your cockroach infestation. We are ready to serve you on the same day of the bookings as we are available 24*7 for the service. The main suburbs which we cover are:

    What Makes Us Best In The Industry?

    • These nasty roaches are expert in hiding between the pipes, cracks and crevices of the wall. They prove that they can survive in the harshest conditions and in dark places.
    • With thorough inspection, the various damages caused by these pests, Ace Pest Control comes up with the integrated methods to manage them.
    • Our expert team is highly skilled and utilizes special combination techniques such as trapping and gel baiting the cockroaches to tackle the infestation from root and instead of controlling them from the surface only.
    • The team of our professionals are fully trained and experienced to control the infestation from the root.
    • Cockroach Control Brisbane provides the hassle free roaches removal services and there is no need to clear out the premises during the service.

    Cockroach Removal Cost

    The Cockroach Removal Brisbane never asks for additional or extra charges on the same day hirings or emergency bookings. All the services provided by our team of experts are cost effective and under your budget. But, usually the cost of exterminating the cockroaches from the premises depends on the size of infestation occurring at your place. The approximate value that we charge for getting the cockroach removal treatment in Brisbane varies from $80 – $375. We also offer a guarantee period of a few months depending on the type of cockroach infestation at the premises.


    cockroach control brisbane


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    5. We can deal with all types of pests present in the premises.
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    Q. How do I stop cockroaches from coming into my house?

    Some roaches enter your home by common objects. You must inspect the common culprits, like- packing boxes, plants, firewood, grocery, shipping boxes, and paper bags. If you found any, remove them and destroy their eggs too. 

    Cockroaches mostly infest a property by gaps or cracks, then run quickly through the attic, walls, ventilation, and plumbing. You may use caulk for sealing up openings near the air vents, pipes, and electrical fittings.

    Q. Are baits really effective for controlling cockroaches?

    Using baits for roaches can work right only if installed properly. Furthermore, the baiting method can be applied to any cockroach infestation & you must remove the bait as soon as the cockroaches feed on them. To enhance the speed of control, you may use a combination of treatments. Furthermore, make sure you follow guidelines before using the baiting product.

    Q. Does your cockroach control Brisbane services safe for my pets?

    Yes, absolutely! All of our cockroach control Brisbane methods are effective and pet friendly. Although, we still recommend you to not let the pet enter while the treatment is going on. In general, you must take care of your pet so that it does not eat the bait set for roaches.

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