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Exclusive Borer Control Services In Canberra

Most borers are certain moth and beetle larvae. Common borers are also known as furniture beetles and woodworms. Generally, the larvae of beetles eat wood. Similarly, they eat not just wood from your home, but also untreated wood furniture. In addition to this, borer moth larvae hatch from eggs laid by moths on stored food grains. So, to stop this borer invasion, you definitely need the best borer insect control services in Canberra. And that is Ace Pest Control! 

We use eco-friendly solutions such as borer insecticide. As a result, it is safe for your loved ones and your health. If you are specifically looking for wood borer pest control services, then there is no other best option than choosing our services. In fact, for all the borer treatment plans we have, we offer affordable prices which are usually very low. So, book our services within 24/7 hours and avail best offers today! 

All Types Of Borer Control Services In Canberra 

Same Day Borer Control Service

Stem borers destroy any plant at its stem part. Note- at any phase from seedlings to maturity. Therefore, if you want your rice field to grow healthily and need same day stem borer treatment, we are here for you. As a result, borer insect control is the only wise decision for a healthy lifespan of crops. 

Domestic Borer Control Service

Want to grow corn crops but afraid of borers? We heard you. Indeed, corn attracts borers a lot, so you definitely need our corn borer treatment. In fact, we also provide an additional benefit ie., obligation free quotes. 

Emergency Borer Control Service

It is not easy to protect your furniture from wood borers as they eat wood a lot. So, now you really are in an emergency need of wood borer control services. Hence, book our eco-friendly insecticide for wood boring beetles now! 

Borer Inspection And Removal Service

Sometimes you will find wood borers on the trees of your garden. So, it is a wise decision to avail of wood borer pest control services ahead of time. We provide the best and effective professionals for wood borer control all over Canberra. 

Pre-purchase Borer Inspection Service

Black locust easily attracts borers. So, when you are planning to purchase a new house with black locust scenery, beware of locust borers. Therefore, call for immediate locust borer treatment help from us, before locust borer invades your house. 

Restaurant Borer Control Services

Did you find a corn borer while cooking a corn dish? Red alert! As it is not safe for your customers’ health and your restaurants’ name, you need to hire corn borer treatment services as soon as possible. Hire our services, because we only use safe borer insecticides.

Borer Control Inspections and Treatments Across Canberra

Our borer insect control services are as follows: 

  • Inspection For Borers: First, our experienced professionals will conduct an inspection of your home or office. This is because to find which species they are dealing with, root cause of pest infestation and many more factors.
  • Necessary Treatment Plan: After inspection, our experts will create a perfect plan according to the type of pest, level of infestation and other things. Similarly, the treatment plan will involve the prevention guidelines, timeline and the type of treatment. 
  • Control And Removal Treatments: According to the borer treatment plan, our professionals will conduct the removal process. This will include applying eco-friendly borer insecticide to kill their eggs and larvae. 

Local Professionals From In And Around Canberra 

We offer corn borer treatment, stem borer treatment, wood borer control, and many more borer treatments all across Canberra. As a result, we have the best and skilled team of local professionals for every area in and around Canberra. So, this makes our work easier without delaying any more time when our professionals are out providing the borer treatment services. Furthermore, there is another benefit of hiring our local borer control Canberra team is that you’ll get our services on time. Our local professional pest controllers also provide borer control in Hobart.

Hire Our Borer Control Canberra For Best Benefits 

  • Low Cost Services: We understand when customers choose us and entrust us with borer insect control. So, we make sure to provide the best services at low and budget-friendly prices. We are your best choice!
  • Technical Knowledge Professionals: Our professionals are a reliable team for knowledge in usage of the latest tools and new ideas. In fact, all our professionals are certified and licensed for many years now. 
  • On Time Services: Punctual about timing? We are too! Our professionals get ready to provide borer treatment as soon as customer bookings. We know how precious time is for our customers. 
  • Safe Spirits: We have a good name in this industry on using eco-friendly solutions for any of the pest control treatments. In addition to this, they are also nature friendly. 
  • Clean Services: Our strong sense of responsibility towards clean services is what brought us to the no.1 stage in this industry. Moreover, our experts have good communication skills, so can clear all your queries by asking them. 

All The Areas We Provide Our Borer Control Services Around Canberra

Well, we provide our borer insect control services in all Canberra suburbs. Canberra can avail of all our special offers such as same day services, inspection and borer treatments, pre-purchase inspection, etc. In addition to this, in former suburbs like Ainslie, Manuka, Telopea Park also our services are available. 


How do I get rid of moth larvae by myself? 

– If possible, you can use hot water and high heat in a dryer. 
– Put wet clothes in the freezer for a day to kill them. However, this is only for the clothes which cannot be washed.
– Using vinegar and water, you can wash and scrub any areas you find moth larvae.

Are your borer control services available in all the districts of Canberra? 

Yes, borer control services are available all across Canberra. 

What is the preparation needed for borer control? 

You need to remove all the insulation from your home and office. Moreover, all timber needs to be free of paint and varnish. In addition to this, clear all the pest access to do the borer treatment.

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