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Birds are stubborn even after shooing them away continuously. Therefore, contact Ace Pest Control immediately for the best and safe bird control services. Birds may be beneficial sometimes but are also harmful. So, we are here to cover you. Our professionals help in removing the birds from your homes, workplace, or any closed spaces. 

In some cases, a bird’s presence can cause the failure of inspections. But, our professionals will come up with new ideas and approach birds by trapping and removing them safely using eco-friendly solutions. Call on 0482077150 for 24/7 bookings! 

Safe, Proven & Compliant Bird Control Deterrents For Business

To prevent property damage, damage to business name, damage of products, bird deterrents are very essential. So, take a look at some of them for birds invasion: 


  • Spikes as a protection system are only effective depending upon your home or business. 
  • So, it is essential to go for the inspection first by a professional before installing spikes into your home.
  • After inspection, if the professionals suggest you install spikes, you can go ahead with the plan.
  • In fact, spikes act as pigeon proofing and prevent pigeon entry. Moreover, this doesn’t disturb your business too.


  1. Using nets as a protective system will help to prevent the entry of common birds like pigeons and seagulls.
  2. It provides fast and effective pigeon control and pigeon removal. Similarly, it also provides complete bird removal, preventing them from nesting and roosting in your building.
  3. Netting is also set up according to your home needs. In addition to this, this net protection system provides long term value which will secure your building for coming years.

Electronic Deterrents

  • Here, it prevents birds from entering your home by giving out an electrical charge. But, this electrical charge doesn’t hurt birds even though it’s painful.
  • This is a cost-effective and careful treatment for pigeon pest control.
  • These electrical charge systems will be placed on roofs, beams, and ledges of your building to keep away birds. Note- Appears invisible as it comes in many colours.

Optical Scares

  • Optical scare is the best and ideal protection system for any kind of business.
  • Moreover, it is harmless and doesn’t disturb your business.
  • As it is powered by solar energy and reflects light, birds think of it as a danger and stay away.
  • However, this is not effective for sitting birds.

Why Choose Ace Pest Controls Bird Control Services? 

  • Healthy Solutions: We use only eco-friendly solutions which are safe for your family and your pets. As a result, many of our professionals are talented on how to use these solutions. 
  • Easy Cost Services: All our plans for bird nest removal are at reasonable and pocket-friendly prices. Therefore, because of this we get many new customers from our previous customers.
  • Emergency Bookings: If you are looking for emergency bird proofing roof services, we are your best choice. In fact, you can book for our services all year 24/7 hours a day. 
  • Perfect Services: Want to stay with our professionals and look around the services they provide? You can ! We understand every customers’ concern for perfect results after the completion of services. So, we take providing perfect services as our top priority. 
  • Certified And Licensed Professionals: Our certified and licensed professionals are well experienced for bird pest control services. In fact, our company is famous for 5 star rating professionals. 

Top 6 Bird Control Services In Canberra 

Pre-purchase Bird Inspection Service

For any newly-purchased house, pre-purchase bird inspection is very important. So, we make sure to provide the best bird control services and bird removal services in and around Canberra. Therefore, book our services at fair bird nest removal cost. 

Bird Inspection And Removal Service

Did you find bird nests on your roof? Oops! But, no worries. Our bird removal from roof services is readily available for our customers all the time. In fact, we have an expert bird control Canberra team for bird proofing roofs and many more. 

Domestic Bird Control Service

If you think there’s no solution for pigeon control, then sorry to tell you that you are absolutely wrong. Because we have the best pigeon pest control professionals all across Canberra and its nearby areas. Ping us now without any hesitation! 

Same Day Bird Control Service

We also provide highlight services like same day bird control services throughout Canberra. In fact, these same day services are not only for Canberra but also its towns and suburbs. 

Emergency Bird Control Service

Do not worry about extra bird nest removal costs if you are in an emergency to book bird removal services. Because we understand every concern of customers and only provide pocket-friendly costs for all our services. 

Restaurant Bird Control Service

In an emergency need for bird nest removal from the roof of your restaurant? Best decision. Our experts are highly talented in bird nest removal as they have many years of experience in bird removal services. You can also hire the experts of Ace Pest Control for restaurant bird control in Hobart.

Way To On Time Bird Control Services From Our Bird Control Canberra Team! 

Our certified specialists are experts in bird control and pigeon removal services. They have experience in all types of safety net installation with many years of experience. In fact, our experts are known for their on time services. Our professionals understand the importance of every second and every minute.

So, they take no chance even delaying a second, and start looking for customers’ locations immediately after their booking. Hence, even today we are the no.1 and successful bird control and bird removal providers throughout Canberra. Call to fix your bird control now! 

Skillful Bird Control Canberra And Its Suburbs Services

We have local teams for every suburb of Canberra like Majura, Weston Creek, Belconnen, and many more. Furthermore, our bird removal services are available even in the towns of Canberra. Book us any time of the day for emergency, same day, pre-purchase inspection services from us. 


Are Bird droppings harmful to human beings and pets?

Yes, they are harmful. Because their droppings carry 60 different diseases and germs. If you find a bird nest nearby, it is possible that you are already breathing those harmful germs without knowing about them. 

How can Birds damage my Canberra restaurant?

Birds can damage your restaurant with their nesting things, feathers, and poop. Moreover, bird poop is acidic in nature. So, they can damage and stain your restaurant. In addition to this, bird feathers can also clog your drainage system. 

How to prevent birds from entering my garden? 

The best and direct message to give them is to throw away their nests whenever you find one. However, installing protection systems with the help of bid deterrents for garden cleaners. 

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