Biological Methods Of Pest Control

In Biological Pest Control, a different species of pests are introduced to the area where the pest infestation is, these species are the natural predator of pests that feeds on the other pests. This method of Pest Control relies entirely on the natural process and does not require the use of any other chemicals, mechanism or other things. Furthermore, there are three basic types of Biological Pest Control

  1. Classica

Here, the natural enemies of the pest are introduced to kill off the other species of the pests that result in the reduction of the pests.

  1. Inductive

Under the inductive method of Biological Pest Control, numerous predator species of pest are introduced to kill pests in a very short amount of time.

  1. Inoculate

Here, certain methods are used to breed the natural species of the pests that are natural predators of the pests that often cause damage.

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