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Bed Bugs require our blood to survive, and they active at night when their host sleep. They hide in the small holes and cracks and come out at night for the blood feast. These tiny bugs can cause severe health problems. However, it becomes necessary to eradicate them effectively from the premises. Controlling your bedrooms for bugs immediately is very necessary to stop them from growing to other regions of the house. Infested regions should be handled with a suitable and safe pesticide to kill these blood-sucking insects. If you want to get rid of these blood-suckers, hire Ace Pest Control team to exterminate bedbugs.

It is very hard to spot these bed bugs because of their size as they are very tiny like the size of an apple seed. These bugs survive by feeding on human blood and harm human health by biting on back, shoulders, and arms. Never let those small bugs bother your sleep. You just sit back and relax, let the professionals of Bed Bugs Control Melbourne tackle the situation. Bedbug control for Melbourne’s houses includes removing bedding from bed frames and full inspection of the room.  We are providing the best and ultimate solutions to control the bed bug infestation. Just give us a call and book your same-day appointments.

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    Some Facts About Bed Bugs

    Here are some facts that everyone should know about bed bugs.

    1. Bed bugs are oval in shape and are 4 – 5 mm long and are known as the fastest runners among all other insects.
    2. Bed bugs can survive in just about any environmental conditions.
    3. These bugs are wingless and are known to multiply rapidly.
    4. They are brown and turn reddish-brown once they suck human blood.
    5. These bugs are usually slim & their body turns round after feeding blood.
    6. Each one of the female bed bugs can lay 2-3 eggs a day after the mating.
    7. The bed bugs get attracted to warm places and carbon dioxide that we people exhale out.
    8. The bed bugs can survive for a long time span without feeding and keep on digesting the blood in the daytime and come out at night.
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    How To Differentiate A Bed Bug Bite?

    Bed Bugs normally bite on any part of the body. However, the most possible areas where you can have a bite while asleep are arms, back, neck, face, and legs. The bite of a bed bug may be similar to a mosquito bite or flea bite. It can cause swelling over the area with dark red spots. You can also feel the burning sensation along with the itchiness at the bitten location. Many people may cause a reaction to the bite, but the most important thing is that you should not scratch it otherwise it may bleed or swell which is definitely harmful to the body.

    Bed bug bite

    How to Spot Bed Bug Infestation?

    Bed bugs are very difficult to detect because their bodies are extremely tiny. This supports them to creep through the holes on the bed frame or hide in the stitchings and turns of the bedding. To know how to recognize then you could look out for the following points:

    1. Small eggs detected in and nearby the adult bed bugs.
    2. You will note the blood spots on the bedsheet and mattress.
    3. There will be unpleasant odors in the room.
    4. You can even spot a live or dead bed bug.
    5. You can also see the place yellow Nymph skin sheds.
    6. You can feel itchiness on your skin due to bed bug bites.
    7. Dark stains and spots will be clearly visible on the mattress.

    Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs Infestation

    No one likes to have a bed bug infestation in their respective premises. So, here are the few tips which will prevent the bed bug infestation.

    1. Move your beds apart from the wall.
    2. Clean and vacuum your house on a daily basis.
    3. Try to change the bed sheets regularly.
    4. Decrease the clutter in your house to lessen hiding spots for bed bugs.
    5. Need to seal up all the cracks and holes of the beds and walls.
    6. You can also use cryolite which is very helpful in controlling bed bugs.
    7. If still you spot a bed bug infestation, then hire a professional for the help.
    8. Check used mattresses and furniture for any symptoms of bed bug infestation before carrying them the house.

    Do Bedbugs Bite Affect Human Health?

    Bed bug infestation has been pretending a dangerous public health problem in many areas like Melbourne. Technically, these bugs do not transfer or spread infections. However, bugs bite can cause different physical and mental health problems. Bites of bedbugs may be painless but cause itchiness that could trigger severe allergic reactions. The trouble caused by bed bug appearance has also been causing mental health problems. We also offer the services for flea control in Melbourne at affordable prices.

    How Bed Bugs Affect Your Health

    Controlling bed bug infestation

    How to Control Bed Bugs?

    To control the bed bugs, you need to undergo the bed bug treatment. Here is the simple method which will help you to eliminate bed bugs from the house.

    1. Identification of bed bugs at your home: The first and the foremost thing you need to do is identify bed bugs that if you are really having the same infestation or not. But for instance, if you are not sure about the infestation you can call Ace Bed Bugs Control Melbourne anyway. The Price of bed bug treatment is nothing compared to the peace of mind after knowing that the premises is completely bed bug-free.

    2. Cleaning of things in hot water: After that, you need to wash everything in the hot water. Things that you should wash include curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets, and everything that came into contact with bed bugs. When it is about bed bugs, you need to be more careful. There must be effective management for the removal of bed bugs.

    3. Ask professionals for help: If talking about the bed bugs treatment, Ace Bed Bugs Control Melbourne is the No.1 choice of everyone. Eliminating the bed bugs from the house is not easy because they have a hiding nature. Therefore, it is recommended to have a bed bug treatment and evaluation is necessary because they can’t be exterminated in the first treatment.

    Why You Should Choose Ace Bed Bugs Control Treatment Melbourne?

    Ace Pest Control is a leading bedbug removal company in Melbourne. We treat all kinds of pests including bedbugs. You give get bugs free home with our excellent service. Read below for reasons to hire Ace Pest Exterminator Melbourne professional team for bedbugs eradication service:

    1. The team has experience of more than 15 years.
    2. We ensure 100% guaranteed results.
    3. We have a team of highly-skilled, certified, and trained professionals.
    4. There is a 24*7 availability of services.
    5. Same day and emergency bookings are also available.
    6. We provide safe and effective removal of bed bugs infestation.
    7. We provide cost-effective bed bugs treatment.
    8. Eco-Friendly and Human-friendly bedbugs removal solutions
    9. We cover all areas of Melbourne for service of bedbugs treatment.
    10. Fast service with excellent outcomes.
    11. Commercial and Residential Bedbugs treatment.

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    Q. What are the signs of bedbugs?

    Common signs of bedbugs include small brown spots (fecal marks), bite symptoms, small blood marks on bedding and sheets. Tiny translucent eggs of bed bugs may be seen in folds and tucks of box spring or mattress, behind your headboards, baseboards, or anywhere else where the bedbugs hide.

    Q.What assurance is there that the bed bug control Melbourne service will be effective?

    We provide the below bed bug control benefits in Melbourne: 
    – You get customized service to fastly remove bed bugs from your place. 
    – Beddings encasements are covered as a part of treatment. 
    – No bed bug will be seen or observed post a few days of the treatment.

    Q. How can I prevent picking up bed bugs when I travel?

    Follow the below tips to avoid carrying bed bugs or bringing them home after travel: 
    – Check your mattress, frame, headboard, pictures for any symptoms of bed bugs like eggs and blood marks. 
    – Keep your bags on luggage racks. Never store your bags on the floor or hotel bed.
    – Hang your clothes to avoid storing them in any dresser or closet. 
    – Check the travel reviews and recommendations before visiting any hotel & also be very careful with multiple bed bug reports.

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