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The social nature of ants means that seeing one may indicate that more are nearby. It may not be enough to kill just a few ants. To effectively manage ants, it is often necessary to locate and eliminate colonies of ants. Ace Pest Control offers ant pest control solution options you can count on to eliminate ants around your house. Our Ant ant Control Sydney team offers the best services. We have highly skilled ant exterminators who can provide you with the best ant removal service at home. For your safety, we use only environmentally safe organic ant control solutions. 

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Types Of Ants in Sydney 

Knowing the type of ant will give you an edge in your efforts for Ant Removal and Ant Prevention. 

Black House Ants

Black ants can build nests almost anywhere. When they invade homes, they’re looking for food and shelter, so they’ll feast on any leftover food or dirty dishes. 

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are dark brown to medium brown in color. They can be aggressive and have been known to displace other ant species from their colonies.

Green Head Ants

Green ants prefer bushy and urban areas. Also, their colour combination is black and green. Even though green ants rarely attack houses, they build small colonies under footpaths and beneath rocks. 

Fire Ants

These tiny red ants can create huge swarms when their nest is destroyed or disturbed. The red fire ant species in Sydney can sting if they feel threatened, and they can be quite painful.

Pharaoh Ants 

The Pharaoh ants love building nests inside your home. A building can be infested within weeks by these ants. These ants eat almost any type of food and are capable of damaging even silk and rayon.

Services That We Provide To Eliminate Every Type Of Ants 

Ant Inspection And Removal 

We start by doing Ant Inspection at your home. We will also examine your home’s interior and exterior. Upon locating Ants Nest, Our Ant Exterminators will determine the appropriate ant treatment based on the species of ants. And then they will conduct accurate fumigation for ants

Domestic Ant Control

Our team provides tailored ant treatment based on the species of the ants like white ant treatment or Fire ant baits or whether Carpenter ant treatment, so you get hassle-free home ant control. You can contact us any time. 

Restaurant Ant Control 

Our professional Ant Controllers are available to help in case of Ants Infestation in your restaurant. We will help you figure out how ants enter your restaurant and Ant Removal with the right tools and equipment. 

Pre-purchase Ant Inspection

How do you know if you are not buying a house full of ants? You don’t have to worry about anything because we provide you pre-purchase ant Inspection service. Our Ant Control Service ensures you are not purchasing ants when buying a new property. Our experts also provide pre-purchase ant inspection in Perth at affordable prices.

Emergency Ant Control Services 

Most of the time, the best way to get rid of ants is to avoid letting them in the first place, but this is sometimes not possible and sometimes it is too late. This is where we come. We offer emergency ant control services round the clock throughout Sydney. You can call us at any time, and our Ant exterminators will arrive at your doorstep. 

Same Day Ant Control 

Our service has been structured with the urgency of your Professional Ant Control in mind, we don’t want to keep you waiting for too long. Whenever you call us, you can expect Ant treatment service within the same day. We provide same-day Ant inspection services and ant removal services. It makes your house ant-free very quickly. You will be very satisfied with the results. 

No. 1 Local Ant Control Company all over Sydney

In the course of accumulating decades of experience. Our Ant Control Company has gained extensive knowledge and experience in Ant Treatment services. Taking this knowledge together with our understanding of seasonal ants, we create effective strategies and conduct Spraying for ants. Our Ant Control Sydney team has been trained to tailor ant control solutions for your property in order to meet your specific needs. When you are looking for All Pro Ant Control services, call us right away.

Timely Ant Control Services All over Sydney and nearby suburbs 

We are one of the most reliable Ant Removal Companies in Sydney. Our number one goal is to keep our customers happy. We always provide timely Ant Control service to our clients, as we know they have extensive needs. We also offer emergency Ant removal services to our customers. 

Our Ant Control Specialists are always on hand when you need them. Simply call us to find out how we can help you. After booking an appointment, we will send our ant control Sydney team towards your home.

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  • We offer same-day Ant Inspection and removal services. 
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  • Our ant control solutions are eco-friendly.
  • We offer Emergency ant control services 24/7.
  • All our ant exterminators are highly trained and certified professionals.
  • We provide free quotations over the phone.
  • We provide pre-purchase ant inspection. 

Ant control services all over Sydney and nearby suburbs

We understand the need for proper pest-free premises. And the urgency of Ant Inspection services and Ant removal services. We provide highly effective Professional Ant Control services all over Sydney and nearby suburbs. 

Our Ant treatment services are available at Summer Hill, Waverton, Jannali, Artarmon, Concord, Putney, Croydon, and Beyond. 


How much do Ant Removal services cost in Sydney? 

An ant extermination cost varies depending on the situation, but it’s best to begin treatment as soon as possible. You can call us for free quotations. 

Are ants capable of hurting people? 

Some ants sting painfully, while others swarm and are a potential food contaminant. 

Do I have to be there during Ant control? 

It is not necessary as long as we have access to power, water, and treatment areas.

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