5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Pests During Storms

It is obvious that storms, thunderstorms, or hurricanes will leave you in a devastating state. Your homes, businesses, and the whole city get destroyed because of such storms. It is very necessary that you know some tips and tricks so that you can save your house from such calamities. Such natural disasters do not give a warning sign before approaching. They just occur and everything is spoiled before you could even react. 

While some things can be brought back to normal, there are a few pest problems that remain long after the storm passes away. Falling trees, dirty streets, and standing water cause the pests to approach higher levels than the ground. Hence, there are a lot of chances that they will visit your house. 

What to do in such times? Well, no worries, we have got your back. Today, in this blog, we are going to provide some tips and tricks to keep away pests from your homes after a storm. Read along to know how you can make your house a safe place.

Tips To Keep Your Home Free From Pests After Storm Conditions:

  1. Be prepared for pest control even before the storm- When you see news and reports of possibilities of a storm or hurricane, start inspecting your home for pests. Doing a thorough inspection of your home can at least help you control seasonal pests if any. You can also solve any structural issues you are having that might get severe due to the storm. Cracks and seals must be fixed in such a way that water should not enter your house at all. Garbage and trash should be kept far away from your home.
  2. Get rid of standing water- Standing water can pose a danger for you at all times. This can be a serious problem if the standing water is because of the storm. Standing water can be the best breeding spot for pests, especially mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes only need half an inch of water to breed. You should assess the places where water can stand beforehand. Make sure to empty the water that accumulates in birdbaths, flowerpots, clogged gutters, etc. 
  3. Say No To contaminated food and garbage- Storms can cause power cuts for a very long time. This can cause your food to get spoiled. Such food is definitely not fit for consumption. It attracts flies that expose you and your family to severe diseases. Dispose of any kind of spoiled food by keeping them in a plastic bag and placing them outside the house. Also, ensure that this spoiled food and trash is collected by sanitation workers. Otherwise, it has the possibility of attracting rodents, flies, and many other pests. Waste items and garbage need to be collected and disposed of properly and on time. 
  4. Assess the possible water damage ASAP- There is a huge risk of water damage whenever a calamity like a storm strikes. Wood and wooden items can get moist making them an attraction for termites. Termites can of course cause a lot of damage to your wood and other structures. Even structural damage can cause the pests underground to get into your home. Assess the areas where water damage can occur in your house. And also make sure to get rid of the spoiled, rotten, and damaged wood or other objects to prevent further problems. 
  5. Check for any kind of structural damage- This is a very obvious phenomenon that storms and hurricanes will cause great structural damage. This is quite unfortunate but it allows a lot of pests to infest your house. Many pests such as rats, rodents, squirrels can get access to your homes through structural damage. These pests can enter through damaged roofs, cracks and sidings, etc. Fix these damages as soon as possible to avoid pest infestation. 

Hire Us For Pest Control After A Storm

We understand very well that after a storm, things can get all hazy. You would not understand what work to take up first and how to get things back to normal. We can keep your stress away in such situations. When you contact ACE PEST CONTROL, you need not worry about pest control post-storm conditions. We are here to take care of your pest control needs after the storm. So, call us immediately to avoid pest infestations.