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Ace Pest Control is your go-to solution for the best pest control services in Brisbane. Our experienced team offers comprehensive pest inspection services for residential and commercial properties. We are committed to detecting any signs of pest activity, which can prevent potential property damage. We prioritize providing a stress-free service experience for our customers, and our pest removal services are cost-effective. With Ace Pest Control, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from any pest infestation problems across Brisbane.

Our range of services includes ant infestation removal, cockroach treatment, bee & wasp control, bedbugs elimination, tick & flea control, slug & millipedes treatment, possum & snakes catching service, carpet beetle control, scorpion & spider eradication, mosquito & flies control, silverfish control, rodent control, moth control, and many more. We are a trusted name in Brisbane pest control, and our competitive and affordable Pest Control Brisbane prices reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us at any time to schedule a booking, and we will be more than happy to help you solve your pest problems.

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Stop Bugging Pest Infestation with Local Pest Eradicator

Hiring our pest control service to remove undesirable pests may be your best choice. Our pest exterminators in Brisbane offer fantastic solutions for all types of pest prevention difficulties in your house or workplace. Ace pest controllers are trained to treat all types of pests, no matter how large or little they are. It’s not only about the cost; it’s critical to pick the best and trusted pest control business for you.

We have a local pest elimination team that is fully experienced in controlling all types of pest problems specifically for Brisbane. The team of our experts uses the most high-tech pest prevention equipment & the best techniques. All pest removal solutions are effective, reliable & safe for you. Our highly effective pest treatment methods will eradicate creepy pests from your commercial & residential places. We also provide professional end of lease treatment & pre-purchase building pest inspection.

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All Kind of Pesky Pest, We Removal

Ace Pest Control is the no. 1 pest extermination company. We provide all kinds of pest removal services in Brisbane.

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    Premier Pest Treatment Service on Same Day of Booking

    Ace Pest Control provides high-quality pest control services at a reasonable price. We take great pleasure in providing same-day pest removal services to our clients. We established our same-day pest elimination service via years of expertise and training. Our pest removal will arrive at your door, address your pest infestation problem, and provide Brisbane pest treatment, removal, and eradication within 24 hours. Now you may save time and money by having bugs properly removed on the same day you hire. Ace Pest Control Company can eliminate all pests from your premises in a single day using improved machines and materials, as well as authorized safe treatments.

    Our experienced pest controllers team controls and wipes out the presence of unwanted bugs on your premises. Ace Pest Control team has all the modern tools and equipment for the expert Affordable Pest Control Brisbane services at an affordable price. Call us at 0482077150  and get a free quote now.

    Pest Treatment Service

    When Is The Perfect Time To Hire Our Pest Control Service

    There is no specific month or day of the year when you should hire our professional service. It’s just whenever you spot any sign of any pests in your house or outside, just contact us. Ace pest team members are well qualified and trained to execute pest control in the most effective and precise manner. If you live in apartments or homes then quarterly pest control helps your living places to be pest-free. But, if there is any sort of infestation then it has to be done monthly or bi-monthly. Whenever you need any such service do not forget to call us. We deal in all types of pests be it interior, exterior, or exotic. Our professionals are well trained to make your house pest-free in one go. Looking for pest control services in Adelaide don’t worry we also provide our services for pest control in Adelaide.

    Domestic Pests Elimination Service in Brisbane

    Ant Control Brisbane

    Ants can be one of the hardest pests to control due to the distance & locations they may have their nest in relation to your place. The most common type of ants – Are Argentine ants, Bulldog or bull ants, Carpenter ant, Coastal Brown ant, Common Black House ant, Funnel ant, Garden ant & Ghost ant. Ace Pest Control’s professionals will eliminate all kinds of ant infestations along with their entire colonies. Our technicians will perform pest removal treatments again without any extra fee if you have any issues with ant infestation after treatment. For a complete and, infestation elimination book us today! We also give you some tips for preventing ants – Make a boundary around your building with stone or gravel to discourage ants and other pests from building their nests. Clean all food crumbs and spills immediately. Don’t leave discarded food items on counters or in sinks.

    Ant Control Brisbane

    Bedbugs Treatment Brisbane

    Your bed is one of the most precious belongings in the home. You spend 7-8 hours sleeping and relaxing on it every night. But you might not be the only one relaxing on the bed, there could be those little blood-sucking bedbugs accompanying you. Bedbug infestation in the home or bedroom can create a complete nuisance and you may have to suffer many unforeseen situations. Though they are most active at the night, they also attack during the day if the infestation has reached a heavy extent.

    Bed bugs feed Fon the human blood and also leave swallowed spots with red marks that cause intense itching. Thus, bed bugs’ pest control and removal become an essential task to do as soon as you figure out the signs of their infestation. Trying to remove bedbugs at home can be effective in case of light infestation but when the infestation is heavy you need to get professional assistance. So, what you are waiting for? Get rid of bed bugs with the professional bugs exterminators team at OZ Clean team.

    Bedbugs Treatment Brisbane

    Rodent Control Brisbane

    Rat and mice both are complimentary of huge destruction in the house. Rodents can enter your house from open doors, other gaps, or by making holes. They generally feed on foodgrains but keep on cutting valuables like clothes and books. If you try DIY, they will play hide and seek with you. It can also bring lots of health risks as they are also counted among disease carriers. People usually try homely methods to control them which are not effective and give them time to grow their population. Our specialized pest controllers are experienced and well trained. Our rodent pest control service in Brisbane is available for you at reasonable costs in Brisbane. We provide you with rodent control service with only certified and most experienced pest exterminators. Without wasting any time, call professional pest Controllers and make your place rat and mice free.

    Rodent Control Brisbane

    Flies & Mosquitoes Control Brisbane

    Flies and mosquitoes are annoying in nature as they keep on disturbing their sound as well as sitting on the body and other objects in the house. These flies are carried many diseases as they sit on the garbage and then on your food & body infecting all. Mosquitoes are one of the most common & annoying insects around houses, especially in summers. A mosquito can also carry & transmit diseases such as the Ross River virus, Dengue fever, and Australian encephalitis. The bites of mosquitoes can bring down your health by infectious diseases like Malaria, Ross River virus, Dengue fever, and Australian encephalitis. At Ace Pest Control, our expert fly & mosquito experts have years of experience in providing remarkable fly & mosquito pest control services in Brisbane.

    Flies & Mosquitoes Control

    Cockroach Control Brisbane

    Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pests that are likely to be found in every place. These are the nocturnal pests notorious for spreading mess and disease around the home. Roaches destroy our kitchen food if we eat that food that should be bad for our health. Thus, it is important you give special attention to cockroach infestation. In case you happen to see cockroaches crawling around your property, make sure you take the necessary actions for their removal. And if the infestation is denser than you have thought, then it is important you go for professional pest control services. Ace Pest removal team gives you complete eradication from cockroaches infestation problem. Our cockroach controllers are also available in Melbourne, so call us now and avail our services for pest control in Melbourne

    Cockroach Control Services
    Spiders Pest Removal

    Spiders Removal Brisbane

    The range of our specialized pest control Brisbane services also includes spider pest control. However, spiders are a little useful to humans, as they eat other small pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and moths. But it’s better you don’t let spider infestation grow and spread in the home, as it can be dangerous too. Treating spiders with the homely conventional methods may not always bring you the desired result. Hence, it is advisable you go for professional pest control services. Professional pest controllers know the right methods and tips to rid the problem from your home. So, call us today and get our special deals on pest control in Brisbane.

    Possum Control & Relocation Brisbane

    Possum Control & Relocation Brisbane

    Possums can be very difficult to remove from a property. Our possum catch team not only has the method to access all the possum entry points but doing it safely & expertly. We securely blocked holes & entry points so there is no possible way the possum can get back into your place. Possums are nocturnal in nature and are most active during the night. Possums can chew electrical wires, damage insulation, or damage the area with their feces. But if you want to get rid of a possum, no need to worry!! Ace Pest Control Brisbane Pest Management Solutions are licensed for possum catching service. So, If you have a possum problem don’t wait to call our expert team. We give you complete protection from possum pests at the most reasonable rate.

    Bees and Wasps Pest Control Brisbane

    Bees and Wasps Control Brisbane

    Bees and wasps are active in biting nature. Even if they get in touch with humans or pets by mistake they can bite you. They can make their nest in any corner of the house and grow their number quickly. These bees are an important part of our environment. They play a role in the pollination of our plants to a great extent. When it comes to bees & wasps, do not try to remove them by yourself, or else you will suffer the consequence of their painful stings. Leave that to Ace Pest Control. Our Pest Control Brisbane pest elimination team have full experience in handling all type of bee problems. Our bee treatments are guaranteed to keep you and your home safe from bee & wasp infestation. We have expert bee control services are customized to remove beehives and relocate bees safely from your property.

    Expert Pest Elimination Service in Brisbane

    The experience of finding insects or animals in the home can be very frustrating and especially frightening if these creatures are bigger such as rodents. Not only do they ruin your household items but are dangerous to the health of your family, especially children. Hence, it is better to call the Ace pest control professionals to get the pests out of your home effectively. And our professionals can do this job to perfection. The pest management procedure carried out by our team is as follows:

    • Complete building and property inspections
    • Treatments prior to construction
    • Installation of electronic devices for pest control
    • Installation of special traps in warehouses and backyards
    • Disinfection treatments
    • Once our team has identified the problem for you, we are determined to provide you with a satisfactory service of your choice.

    Pest Elimination Service in Brisbane

    How does Ace Pest Control Brisbane Team Works?

    Ace Pest Control is a reliable and professional name in the Pest Control Industry. We work simply without much hassle task.


    Contact the Ace Pest Control team as soon as you see pest infestation in your home or working place. Our local team contacts you shortly. A call back from our side is made to provide more relevant information as to your pest issue.


    After discussing the pest problems with the clients, our team makes a complete survey of the infected area. We provide quotes and recommendations over the call after knowing the exact pest problem.


    A booking appointment is generated after the conversation. The booking timing is scheduled as per the convenience of the client.


    The treatment plan is tailored as per the type of pest problem. We design a unique plan for each building for controlling pests. Also, the treatment delivered by the Ace Pest Control team is safe for kids, pets, and the environment.


    We make more than a single visit to ensure that pests are guaranteed gone. Our pest removals provide different tips that are effective for future pest prevention. With our effective pest control solution, we provide peace of mind to our clients from the pest problem.

    Human-Friendly Techniques  for Pest Control Brisbane

    There are specific eco-friendly techniques that can be used to control pests without making use of harmful chemicals. You can use these tricks to prevent & control unwanted pests.

    Plant Pest Control Plants in Your Garden

    Some of the known natural pest controllers are mint, basil, lavender, and rosemary are there which can be used to control pests. Planting these herbs is useful for indoor and outdoor areas. These herbs and shrubs attract beneficial insects and deter harmful pests.

    Season Your Window Sills

    Most people season their food to make it tastier. Besides this, there are certain things that apply to window sills to eradicate pests. You can use paprika, cayenne, salt, turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon as pest deterrents. Just sprinkle these along the line of the window.

    Clean with Vinegar and Essential Oils

    Cleaning is the best tool to keep the pest at bay. You can use different cleaners to clean out your home. You can make one of the natural and effective cleaners by the combination of vinegar and essential oils. As the pests do not like the smell of these essential oils, they will find no reason to stay with you anymore.

    Use Food Waste to Turn Pests Away

    What do you do with cucumber peels, coffee grounds, and orange peels? Throw them in the dustbin. You can use these food wastes as the pest’s repellants. In place of throwing these materials, use them for making natural pesticides and for removing mosquitoes, ants, and other pests.

    Expert Residential Pest Control Brisbane

    Keep your residential place pest-free with the expert pest eradication team of Ace Pest Control Brisbane. Ace Pest Treatment Brisbane offer a full range of residential pest removal service. During the winter & summer, We found unwelcome guests such as spiders and cockroaches. We have a local pest eliminator team to remove all pests from your place. Our team provides effective, safe, innovative pest elimination services across Brisbane. Our expert team can treat all home pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and bedbugs at the most reasonable cost. Don’t wait until it’s too late!! Call now to book Ace Pest Control Expertise & get a pest-free home.

    Commercial Pest Control Brisbane

    End of Lease Pest Treatment Services

    Looking for professional end of lease pest control services in Brisbane? We have caught you there too. When the lease comes to an end, tenants start looking for the best service provider to get the job done efficiently. Depending on the lease agreement, you should particularly have flea treatment, in case you have a pet. We start our end of lease treatment when the property is cleaned. Our professionals carry out the tasks with the utmost care, making the whole thing easy for you. Ace Pest Control Brisbane generally gives a lease of 4-6 months for our best pest control Brisbane service. Our end of lease pest control service provides the best pest control Brisbane treatment at places that are on lease. Contact us & avail of our affordable & effective End of lease pest Treatment services on the same day of booking to get your bond back.

    Pre-purchase Pest Inspection Brisbane

    Top Rated Commercial Pest Removal Brisbane

    Depending upon the business you can have a problem with different pests. The processing or manufacturing industry can get attacked by cockroaches, ants or rats, etc., document work office can have a problem, workplace people can get disturbed with the pests. The presence of any pests will either destroy some items of your business or disturb your worker. In any of these situations, your business will be at a loss. Get the most reliable services from professionals of Ace Pest Control and grow your business at a large speed by making your office and workplace pests free.

    Commercial Pest Removal Brisbane

    Servicing Homes & Businesses in All Suburbs of BRISBANE for Pest Extermination

    Brisbane is the capital of Queensland & is a large city on the Brisbane River. Ace Pest exterminator team offers pest control service in all suburbs of Brisbane. Our pest control services for All Pests, including suburbs of Brisbane but not limited to:

    Why is Ace Pest Control Brisbane the Best Choice for You?

    • The team at Ace Pest Control Brisbane has the right knowledge and expertise to handle all kinds of pests.
    • Our experienced team helps you out with all pests issue whether it is related to commercial, domestic, industrial, or residential places.
    • The best knowledge about insects, and other pests that are local to Brisbane makes us the best controller to handle any job, whether it is small or big.
    • We make the correct utilization of advanced techniques and technologies to provide safe pest control treatment at a competitive price.
    • Ace Pest Control Brisbane serves all the areas of Brisbane without taking any extra cost.

    Pest Control Brisbane
    Call Us 0482077150 Best Pest Controllers
    Location: 44/204 Alice Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

    Frequently Asked Questions on Pest Control Brisbane:

    Ace Pest Control Brisbane offers almost all types of pest control services including Mosquitoes & flies control, Rodent Treatment, bedbugs control, ants infestation removal, termite control, cockroach control & many more.
    Yes, we do provide our pest control service on weekends and not only weekends we are even available on public holidays. Moreover, we provide weekend service at no additional cost.
    Ace Pest Control Brisbane provide commercial pest control services. We have a special team of professionals to perform pest control jobs in commercial areas like hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, retail stores, and offices. Moreover, our commercial pest control service are very affordable.
    i). To get rid of ants you have to keep your house cleaned.
    ii). Never scatter food particles anywhere.
    iii). Remove Accumulated water sources.
    iv). Keep your kitchen clean.
    v). Hire Ace pest Control Brisbane pest

    exterminators for the best services.
    Pest Control cost depends on you want to get rid of what type of pest, area infested by the pest, size of pest infestation. Our average pest eradication costs between $200 to $400. For more detail, you call us.
    Yes, our top-rated pest removal team always available for emergency pest treatment. Book our team for effective, same day and professional pesky pest eradication service.
    Yes, our all pest removal fully qualified, certified, and approved for pest treatment. We use human-friendly, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly pest extermination techniques.

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